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Conant Mediation Center

Jonathan Conant is a practicing attorney with over 30 years of experience. Founder of the Conant Mediation Center, he operates out of two locations in Arizona. In addition to his primary law practice, he offers guidance and legal advice in many areas of mediation, including adoption, custodies, divorces, dissolutions, and other high-conflict cases.

Mike Oeth, the CEO & Co-Founder of OnSIP, was happy to talk with Jonathan over video to learn more about his law practice and how OnSIP supports its expanding locations.

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The Tax Authority

The Tax Authority specializes in preparing federal and state tax returns across the United States. Focusing on individuals and businesses within Sierra Vista, Arizona, The Tax Authority has more than 14 years of experience in achieving tax and investment goals.

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Dobin Law Group

First formed in 2008, Dobin Law Group, P.A., emerged as a two-lawyer practice in January 2010. The Palm Beach County, Florida, law firm specializes in securities and commercial litigation. Most of its practice deals with dispute resolution, arbitration, and court litigation. They came to OnSIP for our business telephone service.

Founder Marc Dobin has been practicing law for almost 30 years. We recently interviewed him to see what his experience with InstaCall, OnSIP's instant in-browser solution for voice and video calls, has been like.

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Northshore Paralegal Services

Northshore Paralegal Services, Lynnfield, MA, is a small business serving the Boston area with background screening for clients’ potential hires and title abstracting for the mortgage industry.

In 2007, President Ted Lannon took note of a steady news stream of natural and man-made disasters and began feeling a little vulnerable about his company. The heart of his business – all his files, servers and applications – depended on the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of his software, hardware and physical infrastructure. He also began to feel too thinly spread. With a seven-person staff, all IT and telecom maintenance and support fell on his shoulders. His answer: virtualizing the service firm’s operation.

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