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Looking for a truly life-altering European vacation experience? Then why not go with a company that "cares more about your trip than anyone else" and is run by people who've experienced the places you're visiting? An OnSIP customer headquartered in California, RentVillas has more than 25 years of experience in providing all the accommodations for an authentic European stay. They specialize in European villa rentals, offering villas, apartments, farmhouses, cottages, and castles in Italy, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Great Britain, Portugal, and the Caribbean.

While most of their employees are located in the California office, RentVillas also has several employees working remotely from Italy and the East Coast. CEO Kevin Pidduck graciously shared his time to tell us about RentVillas and their OnSIP experience.

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Webitects is a user-focused website design and development firm with an impressive portfolio, including many nonprofits, foundations, and associations. The main Chicago office is home for most of the firm’s 16 employees, and they employ a few remote workers as well. In dire need of an updated phone system, Webitects found everything they were looking for with OnSIP.

We spoke with cofounder Todd Reifenrath, who has been building websites with the company since its inception in 1995.

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MANA Nutrition

One million children die each year due to severe acute malnutrition (SAM). MANA Nutrition, established in 2009 by CEO Mark Moore, is a nonprofit organization helping to fight this problem. To accomplish this, the company developed a product called MANA: Mother Administered Nutritive Aid. It’s a fortified peanut paste containing vitamins and all of a child's basic nutritional needs. The main focus at MANA Nutrition is ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF), meaning there’s no need for water mixing, heating, or refrigeration.

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With 10gen's rapid growth and frequent moves, they rely on OnSIP for easy setup and dependable service.

In the words of 10gen System Engineer Mike Fiedler, 10gen is an open source software company. “We write and sponsor open source software called MongoDB, which is a document store database-style application. It's quite easy to use, and it's fully free! As a company, we also offer training and support for our product for people who want to learn more."

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The SIP School

As the provider of the global standard in SIP training and the issuing authority of the widely endorsed SSCA® certification, The SIP School has taught thousands of employees in the telecommunications industry how to better support their clients, products and services. Typically, the organization encourages its students to register with free SIP providers to try real-world SIP solutions.

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