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Ross and Witmer

HVAC service contractor Ross and Witmer has proudly served the Carolinas for the past 70 years. Over the years, they have expanded beyond the Charlotte, NC, area to provide a full suite of home performance services to their customers, including HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) support, electrical wiring, and insulation needs.

We caught up with Matt Taylor, the IT Manager of Ross and Witmer, to learn about how OnSIP helps to unify this growing business.

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Firstborn is a design and technology company founded in 1997 and located in New York City. With a team of strategists, designers, producers and technologists from around the world, the company helps their clients create online experiences. Firstborn's client list is incredibly impressive— from airlines to beauty, insurance, hotels, and everything in between. Firstborn came to OnSIP when they needed "the easiest, most no-fuss way to go about doing VoIP." Watch their OnSIP experience!

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Engineered Security Solution

The last solution you will need, not just another in a sequence of throwaway solutions that accomplish little.”

That’s one of the core values Dave Klepp, the founder and owner of Engineered Security Solution, instills into his company. By building a solution that strives to be the last one that his clients will ever use, he’s setting his company up for success in the security industry.

In this customer spotlight, we explore how OnSIP's products and services have helped Dave throughout his personal journey as a business owner, from SIP trunking to InstaCall.

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George's Music

George's Music is a full-service retailer that sells instruments and sound equipment throughout eight brick-and-mortar stores on the East Coast and two online sites: George's Music and MusiciansBuy. They also offer music lessons and organize clubs for music enthusiasts.

The distributed nature of George’s Music operations made the company a prime candidate for hosted VoIP services, but its previous provider was not supplying the level of service expected. Tony Dellett, the IT manager at George's Music, spoke with us about his search for a new business phone service.

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Singlebrook Technology

Based in Ithaca, New York, Singlebrook Technology is made up of web designers and programmers specializing in developing mobile applications and innovative websites.

In addition to their work with nonprofits, startups, and educational institutions, they also incorporate social and environmental responsibility within the DNA of their company. They meet such high standards in transparency, legal accountability, and social action that they are a Certified B Corp.

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