What is Required of Me to Become a Reseller?

By Marketing Team Member Sukanya and Channel Manager, Andy

One of the most frequent questions that a reseller new to OnSIP asks is, "How can I get started? What do I need?" All you need to do is get in touch with Andy, our channel manager and he'll get you started. On a general note, we discuss how to get started as a VoIP reseller in general, and what you need to become an OnSIP reseller.

Traditionally, IT resellers had to make significant upfront investments in PBX equipment for their clients. Hosted VoIP largely eliminates the need for such physical equipment. Still, reselling VoIP services requires some basic preparedness, such as:

  • Training on how to handle software for moves, adds, and changes (MACs). This knowledge will help you configure your clients' deployments.
  • Purchasing billing software that monitors the usage/activity in your clients' accounts and calculates monthly statements according to pricing plans.

At OnSIP, we provide an integrated solution that greatly simplifies your tasks. The OnSIP admin portal makes it easy to set up and maintain your client accounts, users, and extensions. Also in the admin portal, you can download Call Data Records (CDRs) for your clients with a few clicks. We manage the billing for you, so you don't have to sweat.

If you have an existing customer base, it's easy to switch them to OnSIP. Our 30-day trial period makes it easy for your customers to try out the different features.

Even if you are new to reselling hosted VoIP products, OnSIP is a great and simple way to start off. We have a strong educational support program, providing monthly webinars and white papers that help you target specific verticals. Also, OnSIP allows you to bring your own device, giving you the freedom to resell your preferred phone brands and models. To help you make well-informed hardware decisions for your clients, we review phones and routers. (Remember, any set up and configuration fees you charge are fully yours; we don't "pay" you to do this.) Also, importantly, we have a straight-forward agent agreement without misleading fine print!

You can learn more about reselling OnSIP at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo in March, where we'll be exhibiting. We'll be demonstrating the admin interface for OnSIP as well as the my.OnSIP UC interface. Join us in Vegas!

Join us this Spring at Click here to make an exclusive appointment to talk about becoming an agent with our CEO.

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