Turn Site Visits into Meaningful Conversations with OnSIP's InstaCall

Can your business's website and phone system work together harmoniously to enrich sales conversations and customer service interactions?

Yes, they can!

Richard Rogers, the President/CEO of Mother Lode Bookkeeping, uses a communication feature on his website that directs site visitors to instantly connect with his staff members over voice or video chat. This feature — unique to OnSIP — is called InstaCall, and it works without requiring the visitor to pick up a phone, dial a phone number, and navigate an annoying attendant menu. Read on to discover how Richard and his staff have direct and impactful conversations with site visitors and clients:

How to Use OnSIP's InstaCall on a Business Website

In 2015, Richard replaced his phone system and updated his website for his business, Mother Lode Bookkeeping, an accounting, tax, and bookkeeping services provider in Encinitas, California. After researching a variety of cloud-based phone providers, he chose OnSIP for the capabilities, cost, and modern features that his business needed.

Richard Rogers, President/CEO of Mother Lode Bookkeeping
Richard Rogers, President/CEO of Mother Lode Bookkeeping, Inc.

As he was implementing OnSIP, he learned about InstaCall on OnSIP's website. InstaCall's voice chat buttons, placed on a business's website, drive site visitors to launch voice or video calls using only their web browser windows. These buttons instantly route calls to individuals, call queues, or call groups; when a visitor clicks on one of them, s/he bypasses the robotic attendant menu and immediately connects with a staff member for a real-time and personal conversation— over video, too, if the visitor initiated a video call.

Seeing how InstaCall could be used to break down barriers between his site visitors and employees, Richard created a few InstaCall buttons (an easy, step-by-step process accomplished in the OnSIP Admin Portal) and embedded them on his website.

He uses the communication feature in an especially clever way on his site's Meet the Team page. There, he displays the names and contact information of his staff members. He also created InstaCall buttons for each one of them, and added these buttons to his staff members' profiles. Each button is set to the specific employee's work hours and is linked to ring his/her phone. For instance, Richard's InstaCall button activates at 6am Pacific time and deactivates at 1pm Pacific time; during these hours, visitors can click on his button to reach Richard directly.

OnSIP's InstaCall - voice and video chat buttons - enable website visitors to bypass the auto attendant and have live calls with your staff members.
Site visitors can click on an InstaCall button to have a real-time conversation with any employee at Mother Lode Bookkeeping.

"InstaCall makes my website, and company, appear more advanced and modern,” he says.

There are other buttons on his website, most notably on his site's Contact Us page. This button is set to ring Mother Lode Bookkeeping's main phone line.

Humanize Your Website: The Benefits of InstaCall

By using InstaCall, Richard has linked his business's website directly to his phone system. He notes a variety of benefits from this innovative approach:

Have Your Staff Be Just a One-Click Call Away

InstaCall, prominently presented throughout his website, provides a new level of convenience for site visitors and new clients. Instead of having to go through obstacles to reach a person (search for a phone number, dial it on a phone, wait on hold, etc.), visitors are just a click away from speaking with his business's staff members. The visitor only needs to use his/her browser window to have a live conversation with a representative of Mother Lode Bookkeeping.

Richard explains: "InstaCall provides a level of convenience to my clients because they don't have to remember a phone number."

Turn Conversations with Clients and Sales Leads into Face-to-Face Interactions

InstaCall's video calling option also affords him and his staff a way to have face-to-face conversations with clients located in distant cities. When in-person meetings are not feasible, Richard can direct a client to his InstaCall button to have a real-time and interactive conversation over video. And what's more, he doesn't have to pay for a pricey, third-party video conferencing platform to host the call.

OnSIP's InstaCall buttons allow website visitors to have a voice or video call right from their browser windows.
Visitors and clients can have a voice or video call with Richard using only their browser windows!

Eliminate the Complexities of Calling

Finally, he recognizes InstaCall as a key way to connect his website to his employees. Site visitors have become accustomed to one-click calling when viewing websites on smartphones. InstaCall brings that user-friendly and seamless capability right to their computers or laptops, as well.

"My InstaCall buttons are impulsive. New clients are drawn to click-to-call,” he states.

Invite Site Visitors to Voice or Video Chat Directly from Your Website

With InstaCall buttons on his website, Richard is providing his clients with a new way to call his business. This option, offering less hassle and more face time, helps to humanize his website and facilitate more direct and meaningful conversations between callers and his staff.

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