New OnSIP Phone Review: Jitsi Desktop for Mac

We're happy to announce our latest phone review! Jitsi Desktop for Mac is a free open source softphone with full scale functionality, including HD voice and video calls. We last reviewed Jitsi for Mac in 2011. We wanted to see if the softphone could still hold its own with big players like Bria. From the review:

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New OnSIP Phone Review: Jitsi Desktop for Ubuntu

Our latest phone review considers Jitsi Desktop for Ubuntu, the premier open source softphone for Linux. Although the phone is free, it has a robust feature set similar to many commercial softphones. Here's an excerpt from the review:

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WebRTC Conference and Expo Panel Asks: Is SIP Holding WebRTC Back?

Last week, we attended the WebRTC World Conference and Expo in Miami. We were excited to be a Gold Sponsor for the Expo, and we were thrilled to be a part of the bustling dialogue of the event. It was a great experience, an opportunity to meet developers using OnSIP developer accounts and SIP.js in their applications, and also a chance to discuss, at length, new and controversial topics in WebRTC.

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SIP.js 0.7.0 Adds Fixes and Support for Attended Transfer - Recommended Upgrade

We have just released a new version of SIP.js, our SIP Javascript stack that's perfect for developers who want to build WebRTC-based features. SIP.js 0.7.0 is now the most stable, comprehensive version of the library to date.

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Five Reasons to Choose WebRTC for Video Calling - Here's How

WebRTC's most impressive feature is its ability to stream real-time video across browsers without requiring plugins or downloads. And let's not forget that there are zero royalty fees to pay if your app uses Google's standard VP8 codec.

The theoretical advantages of streaming video via WebRTC have always been apparent, but now companies big and small are productizing its potential. In today's climate, there are more reasons than ever to use WebRTC for video calling.

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