Update Personal Call Forwarding Preferences in the OnSIP App

Ever wanted to forward your work calls to your cell phone when you travel for a conference? We just made that super easy in the OnSIP app. This blog is for OnSIP customers who want to let individual users set their personal call forwarding preferences without any further assistance from the admin user, once the calling destinations are added to the Admin Portal.

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7 Key Features a Free Video Calling Service Needs

Multi-party video conferencing is becoming a mainstay of both large and small businesses. As a powerful collaboration tool, it is commonly used both within and between organizations to facilitate team meetings, client calls, product demos, and more.

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OnSIP: A Phone System for Slack Customers

Slack is a team communications tool popular among small and medium-sized businesses and organizations. It’s the place “where work happens - whatever work means for you." We integrated Slack into our cloud phone system, because its speed, ease, and efficiency works well with our goal of helping modern organizations collaborate with each other and connect with customers while saving time and money.

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Setup DIY Phone System for Small Business in Less Than 1 Hour

OnSIP was built for people who hate waiting. We offer a complete phone system that takes less than an hour to set up - and it's all DIY. There's no extra hardware required. Deskphones optional. All you need are your laptop and your vocal chords (not included).

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my.OnSIP Will No Longer Be Available Starting October 2016

This is a followup to our earlier product roadmap blog post. Beginning October 1, 2016, my.OnSIP will no longer be available for use.

If you are an active user of my.OnSIP, we encourage you to switch to the OnSIP app for all of your unified communications needs. The OnSIP app now offers voice and video calling, messaging, presence, click-to-call, drag-and-drop-transfer, voicemail management, a Slack integration, and more.

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Top 7 Reasons People Avoid Their Desk Phones

Desk phones are often seen as an essential part of modern work life. But webphones, softphones, and other cloud phone system features have all made traditional desktop phones less mandatory for day-to-day business.

Here are the top seven reasons people avoid their desk phones, and how you can replace them with a better option.

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Introducing the OnSIP App: A Phone For Modern Teams

We've spent years honing the art of calling in the browser, whether with InstaPhone and InstaCall, or with Salesforce integrations. But now we've reached for a new solution, a browser-based phone that keeps you connected to the office even when you're away, and helps you stay informed about your employees, customers, and co-workers.  

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