New Feature: Make Attended Call Transfers in the OnSIP App

Whether you are a receptionist, sales person, or support agent, being able to transfer a call from one employee to another is a key part of operating the phone lines. To help streamline this process for our customers, we recently added the ability to make an attended transfer in the OnSIP app.

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OnSIP App Case Study: Replacing Business Phones with Softphones

While there are many ways for businesses to connect with customers and prospects, phone calls remain a primary method of communication. But with the rise of remote working and telecommuting, today's sales reps—and employees in general—can't be tied down to a physical phone in one location. In order to be productive, they need flexibility.

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5 Benefits of Desktop Softphone Applications

Desktop softphone applications are becoming more ubiquitous in the workplace, not just as third party solutions, but also as integrated first party apps from VoIP providers. Desktop softphones offer several advantages for customers, including decreased costs from licensing fees, easier contact importation, and seamless integration with localized features.

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