5 Business VoIP Cordless Phone Options and Pricing

While some people sit at their desks for most of the day, others are constantly on the move. If you’re someone who needs a business phone that can keep up with your job, we recommend investing in a DECT phone, or cordless phone, so you can make and receive calls at your convenience.

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New OnSIP Phone Reviews: VTech VSP600/601/608

We're happy to announce our latest phone reviews! The VTech VSP600 is a DECT base station that hosts phones such as the VSP601 cordless handset, and the unique VSP608 wireless deskset. We reviewed all three of these devices together in our latest review.

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4 Impressive Business VoIP Phones from 2016 [Free Guide]

Every year, business phone manufacturers release new models and firmware with the latest designs, features, and capabilities. In 2016, we saw several impressive IP phones enter the market. These phones featured shiny touchscreens, more customizable keys, HD voice and video codec support, and more.

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Introducing VTech Business SIP Phones [Unboxing Video]

The VTech ErisStation is our New York office’s trusted conference phone. It’s the go-to device for our weekly company-wide call, and has served us well for over a year. We recently received a large shipment of VTech business phones, including DECT models and desk phones, and we’re excited to take a look at them for our VoIP Phone Reviews program.

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