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5 Reasons Why Customer Support Managers Should Use Call Queue Dashboards

Call queue dashboards provide managers and supervisors with detailed views of their inbound call queues. These dashboards display current and historical information on calling activity and call agent performance.

Call queue dashboards can be particularly valuable for managers of customer support and customer success teams. By reviewing the comprehensive data found there, managers will gain important insights into their customer support operations. They can then use that knowledge to make decisions that benefit callers, call agents, and the business as a whole.

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Use OnSIP to Address Changing Business Communication Needs

"I don't think my business needs a phone system right now."

It's a surprising statement that sometimes comes up in conversations our sales reps have with tech companies and startups. They may use Slack and Google Hangouts for internal communication and collaboration along with personal smartphones for external calling.

But think about how your business will grow in the future. While you may not want the hassle that comes with managing an in-house phone system (and rightly so), you'll need a more professional way to connect with customers, clients, and vendors other than just giving out cell numbers.

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Why It's Necessary to Update Your Phone's Firmware

Remember the twentieth-century business phone? It had light-up buttons for different lines, and you could transfer calls if you knew the right flash-hook-and-button sequence, but that phone was dumb. It had virtually no brains or memory. No screens, caller ID, directories or call logs.

Many years passed; the rotary dial went the way of Fischer-Price, and business phones got smart. Some features we learned to love: Bluetooth headsets, busy lights, speed dials, directories, call logs, and speaker settings, not to mention high-definition phone quality. Some were functions, like transfer, that LED screens finally made easy enough to use.

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Why You Should Be Using Softphones Instead of Desk Phones at Your Business

Remote working has been on the rise in recent years: a Gallup survey conducted in 2017 reported that "43 percent of employed Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely," a four percentage point increase since 2012.

What tools are available to support this new way of working? After all, a physical desk phone that sits in the office won't help an employee who is offsite for the day.

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Affordable and Flexible Phone Systems for Churches

Central Baptist Church, located in central Illinois, has two separate campuses and a mobile staff of full-time and part-time employees. Josh Sabo, the Lead Pastor, needed a phone system for his church that could unify the dispersed staff no matter where they are working on any given day.

Finding OnSIP through a Google search, he was drawn to the service due to our customizable platform and affordable pricing plan. He and his staff now use our softphone app on their computers and laptops to connect with each other even when they are away from the parish office.

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In Search of Business Phone Service? Tempted by Cable's Triple-Play? What SMBs Might Consider First

Are you a small business owner shopping for phone service? If you're one of the shrinking number of residential cable customers for broadband, TV and voice, you might start by looking to the same source for your workplace. But you might be well advised to go another route when it comes to business. Why?

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How to Use the Data in Your Cloud Phone System to Improve Business Operations

One of the big advantages of cloud phone systems is the wide variety of real-time call data they provide. Available in easy-to-use web portals, dashboards, and downloadable files, you'll find everything from individual user call detail records to call queue stats and historical reports.

But with all of this information available at your fingertips, how can you use it to improve your business operations?

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Video conferencing Services, Part II: Free Options for Casual Meetings

If you're making a long-distance presentation to business prospects, doing a remote deposition or webinar, you should probably go for the crisper audio, sharper video and fancier controls of a business-grade, paid video conferencing service

But say you're a small business or a department looking for something more like casual-Friday conferencing: You want to meet with two or three dispersed coworkers to get real work done, huddling over a shared screen or document or recording a brainstorming session. While you have to hear clearly, pass the mike around and clearly see the document or demo, you don't need to accommodate a Brady Bunch matrix of talking heads or be able to tell whether Steven shaved that morning.

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Video conferencing Services, Part I: When (and when not) to Pay, How to Choose

Video conferencing (VC) won its business case decades ago. Today working people of all stripes are more than willing to sit before cameras, talk to screens and remote-share desktops for the chance to stay off planes and out of airports.

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Why Can’t I Port My Business Phone Number to a New Provider?

When switching to a new business phone service, you will have to decide whether or not to keep your existing phone number(s). If so, you will need to take action to transfer your phone number(s) from one provider to the other. In most cases, this process, called ‘porting’, occurs without any issues. However, there are certain cases where it’s not possible to keep your business phone number. In this blog, we will outline why this might happen, and offer some workarounds and alternatives.

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