Stacklist Reviews Business Tools & Trends on #SMBlab [VIDEO]

Slack. Evernote. Freshbooks. As a business owner, how do you know which software tools are best for your growing business?

Last week, we invited Amanda Moskowitz (@theStackList), the Founder and CEO of Stacklist, to discuss this topic on #SMBlab with Angela Leavitt (@MojoMktg) and Mike Oeth (@VoIPCEO). Stacklist, a website recently featured in TechCrunch, publishes curated reviews of software apps from business owners themselves.

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Tackling Challenges in Channel Sales in 2016 on #SMBlab [Video]

In last week's #SMBlab, Angela Leavitt (@MojoMktg) and Mike Oeth (@VOIPCEO) discussed trends and opportunities in channel sales. From VARs to MSPs, the conversation gets quite lively between special guest Peter Radizeski (@radinfo) and surprise guest Michael Bremmer (@telecomquotes).

Watch the full session on video, or read on for our summary of their conversation.

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Why Switch to Business VoIP If Our Current System is Fine?

There's an old saying you've probably heard of: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." 

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5 Cloud Calling Features To Keep Customers From Hanging Up

The average American will spend 43 days of her life on hold, according to Marchex's analysis of more than four million phone calls from consumers to businesses. In all, Americans will collectively spend 900 million hours on hold this year.

What could we, as a nation, do with 900 million hours?

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Web Phone System - No Deskphones, No Dialing

In a past blog post, we explored the question, "Is a phone system necessary?"

Presented with a cornucopia of online communications services - Slack for group chat, Google Apps for Work for email and team collaboration, GoToMeeting for conferences and meetings, etc. - certain businesses may be able to operate without one.

Most, however, probably need a phone system to provide the ability for customers to call in when necessary. But instead of investing in the hardware needed to support that system, such as servers and even deskphones themselves, have you ever considered the possibility of implementing a web phone system?

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Blabbing about #SIP, #WebRTC and more with @MojoMktg [VIDEO]

What’s happening in the business real-time communications space? What are the current trends in SMB technology? In the first of many sessions, Mike Oeth from OnSIP and Angela Leavitt from Mojo Marketing share their thoughts on Blab, a new video livestreaming platform, on topics ranging from SIP adoption to WebRTC, BYOD, and more.

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Switching to Hosted VoIP - What's Holding You Back?

You might not be an early adopter. There's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes, "keeping things running smoothly" has better return than being a "trendsetter." When it comes to your company, minimizing risk may be more important than integrating the newest technology.

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VoIP Features: Most Wanted By Search Volume [Study]

Google Trends is an interesting tool that can be used to discover or analyze trends in public interest based on Google searches. For example, you can see that searches for the infamous pop song "Friday" spike on Friday of every week. You can also see a minute-by-minute search map of the US during Game 5 of the World Series.

As a largely web-based phone system provider, we thought it'd be neat to use this tool to take a look at what business VoIP features people are searching for. In the interactive charts below, we've grouped some existing VoIP features and compared their monthly search volume over the past few years.

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New York Business VoIP

Anybody who has ever lived in New York City knows that it has a uniquely fast paced lifestyle and workstyle. As New Yorkers work long and hard hours, they need a reliable and flexible phone system. If your business phone solution isn't making the cut, a new hosted VoIP service can help you fix it in a New York Minute. Here is an overview of hosted VoIP that you can use today.

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Hosted VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business [FAQ]

Looking at hosted VoIP phone systems for small businesses? You're in the right place. Here is an information-packed FAQ on hosted VoIP solutions, starting with the basics and ending with a few modern hosted VoIP options for your business.

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