Pre-Release Review: Grandstream GDS3710 Beta

We're happy to announce our latest pre-release review! The Grandstream GDS3710 is an IP surveillance camera, door lock, and intercom system operated by a SIP-based security mechanism. We were given the opportunity to review a beta model of the device by Grandstream.

Here's an excerpt from our review:

The GDS3710 is the first offering from Grandstream for a video door system. The hardware generally lives up to expectations, barring the noticeable lack of any type of IR/night vision. The device provides a great deal of integration with electric door strikes and alarm systems. It also offers expandability with RS485, along with Wiegand input and output.

That said, the GDS3710 currently falls short on the software side. The lack of ability to dial full SIP URIs is somewhat reasonable, but only being able to call digits is not acceptable. There's no ability to discretely configure RTSP stream access, and there's no documented HTTP API. All of these issues have been reported to Grandstream during the beta program.

Read our full review for the complete assessment!

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