New York Business VoIP Resellers

In an earlier blog post, we discussed how New York business VoIP providers can offer NYC-based companies the flexibility needed to keep up with the fast paced workstyle. VoIP services allow employees to work remotely and still be as productive as if they were at their desks (they will be able to extension dial their colleagues from their home office phones, for instance). Hosted VoIP also enables you to make moves, adds, and changes in real-time by use of an online admin portal.

But ensuring that your network infrastructure can handle a new VoIP service can be a time-consuming task. Where can you turn to for assistance, if you need it?

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VoIP Features: Most Wanted By Search Volume [Study]

Google Trends is an interesting tool that can be used to discover or analyze trends in public interest based on Google searches. For example, you can see that searches for the infamous pop song "Friday" spike on Friday of every week. You can also see a minute-by-minute search map of the US during Game 5 of the World Series.

As a largely web-based phone system provider, we thought it'd be neat to use this tool to take a look at what business VoIP features people are searching for. In the interactive charts below, we've grouped some existing VoIP features and compared their monthly search volume over the past few years.

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New York Business VoIP

Anybody who has ever lived in New York City knows that it has a uniquely fast paced lifestyle and workstyle. As New Yorkers work long and hard hours, they need a reliable and flexible phone system. If your business phone solution isn't making the cut, a new hosted VoIP service can help you fix it in a New York Minute. Here is an overview of hosted VoIP that you can use today.

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Best VoIP Phone: 5 Options by Price [List]

VoIP phones come in all shapes and sizes, but the cream of the crop stand out no matter what price range you're looking at. 

Whether you want a simple voice-capable device, or a smart phone-esque monolith, we've chosen five leading phones at every point of the price spectrum.

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Start Working From Home: A Day in the Life with OnSIP

Chuck Dunne is a Senior Account Manager at OnSIP who works from home on a daily basis. After starting a family, Chuck saw the benefits of remote working in a new light. Now he puts on his headset every morning and takes on his dedicated sales role right from the office he's furnished in his basement. In this blog, Chuck relates some of the benefits of working from home, and the tools he uses to stay in touch with the other OnSIP offices.

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Video-Enabled Customer Service Webinar by Vidyo and Forrester Research

The Amazon Mayday button. The LiveNinja Kiosk, developed for retail environments.

Companies that provide video-capable customer service applications are making the news, and businesses across all industries are increasingly recognizing the value offered by these apps.

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Hosted VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business [FAQ]

Looking at hosted VoIP phone systems for small businesses? You're in the right place. Here is an information-packed FAQ on hosted VoIP solutions, starting with the basics and ending with a few modern hosted VoIP options for your business.

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Nonprofit Call Center - Building a Quick Solution [Guide]

If you work at a nonprofit, you know how important timely donation campaigns are for your funding. Some nonprofits may need to scale up donation calling centers during elections, charity drives, or alumni weeks.

But how can you build a viable call operation in a cinch, and pack it up when all is said and done? Here are six steps to creating a legitimate nonprofit/fundraising call center without breaking too much of a sweat.

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Business VoIP Network Quality [5 Tips]

Today’s business VoIP solutions allow you to deploy a full phone system right on your existing office LAN, providing cost savings and performance improvements. But, ensuring business VoIP network quality can be a tricky for businesses that have multi-level offices, desks without Internet connectivity, and/or other bandwidth-intensive activities. Here's a checklist for ensuring VoIP quality on your network.

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New Feature: Queue Alerts for Enhanced Queues

As we continue to build upon our ACD Queue offering, we're happy to share a new feature we've rolled out today - Queue Alerts!

Queue Alerts allow supervisors to receive automated notices when self-defined thresholds are passed in their Enhanced Queues. These alerts can be set up to trigger when:

  • Too few agents are logged into a queue
  • Too many callers are entering a queue
  • Callers are waiting for too long in a queue
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