Introducing OnSIP’s Business Softphone for Mac and Windows

We are excited to announce today that we officially released softphone applications for Mac and Windows. These desktop applications are fully-functional business phones with enterprise calling features and collaboration tools. Users familiar with our browser app will recognize the same interface and menu options, along with a few functions native to each operating system.

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4 Best Business Conference Phones for SMBs

Conference calls are a staple of small to medium sized businesses. As companies open new locations, hire remote employees, and service widespread customers, these calls allow dispersed teams to stay connected on a regular basis. And as the technology behind conference calling has advanced, so has the hardware supporting it.

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New OnSIP Phone Review: Jitsi Desktop for Ubuntu

Our latest phone review considers Jitsi Desktop for Ubuntu, the premier open source softphone for Linux. Although the phone is free, it has a robust feature set similar to many commercial softphones. Here's an excerpt from the review:

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Business VoIP Phones: Guide to Power over Ethernet and Port Speeds

When considering VoIP phone options, you'll notice that they vary in Ethernet speeds and support for Power over Ethernet (PoE). These features may seem like minor details, but they can actually affect the deployment of your phone system, the cost of your networking setup, the amount of physical space in your office, and other maintenance considerations.

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Why a Business Phone Line Should Never Ring Busy

Everybody knows the sound of a busy signal, the annoying beep that all but tells a caller to hang up. Unfortunately, 34% of callers who hang up will not call back. That's all but certain to cost your business revenue.

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New OnSIP Phone Review: Yealink T58V

We're happy to announce our latest phone review! The Yealink T58V is a bold video phone with an amazing screen, high video quality, video recording, and other leading features. This is probably the best screen we've ever seen on a SIP phone. Here's more from the review:

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OnSIP Tip: Manage and Screen Calls with Multiple SIP Aliases

Screening calls for context allows agents and employees to answer callers with the proper greeting and response. Looking at the incoming caller ID and using CRM integrations can help with this, but there are other ways to further refine the calling experience. One option involves creating separate lines for employees on multiple teams, such as sales, support, or product, so that they can effectively screen calls before picking up the phone.

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School Phone Systems: Hosted VoIP Earns a Perfect Score

At the end of 2015, Carl Sigmond, Operations Manager at The Woolman Semester School, began a search for a new phone system. The school— located in the remote Sierra Nevadas of California— had an on-site CudaTel VoIP server that was expensive to maintain and had various call quality issues.

Carl was introduced to OnSIP by the school's IT Administrator. After deciding to go with our service, he began setting up phones with his team to connect the various buildings and dormitories spread out over the school's expansive campus.

The Woolman Semester School is a great example of how cloud VoIP phone systems can be an invaluable tool for educational facilities. These services offer a variety of features and capabilities that are ideal for a school environment, and all for a lower price than landline telephone services.

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5 Signs Your Office Phone System Can't Keep Up

Nobody wants an office phone system that can't keep up. The signs start with minor irritations, but eventually graduate to issues that affect business operations. Phones ringing off the hook, confusion as to who's answering which call, customer complaints about call quality issues, full voicemail boxes, and other frustrating problems can all indicate that your phone system has reached its limits.

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New OnSIP Phone Review: Zoiper for Android

We're happy to announce our latest phone review of Zoiper for Android, a softphone for Android phones and tablets. Zoiper is designed to replace a desk phone with business-grade functionality, and aims to unseat stalwart options such as Bria and Grandstream Wave.

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