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Cloud VoIP Features for the Mobile Small Business

Perhaps you have a mobile sales team who gathers for a morning meeting and then scatters to meet with clients for the rest of the day. Or maybe your startup has a few employees who handle multiple responsibilities and are always on the move!

Whatever the reason, yours is a mobile small business. You need technology that can meet the needs of your agile and hard-working staff.

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Odoo App Suite Integrates with OnSIP Business Phone Service

Question: What do you get when you cross an open-source, cloud-based suite of business applications with the open API of a cloud-based business phone service?

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Postgame Recap: Chorus Communications' Who's Who in Technology 2018

On May 2, a few members of the OnSIP team traveled to Philadelphia to attend Chorus Communications' 11th Annual Who’s Who In Technology! The event, held at Citizens Bank Park (the home of the Philadelphia Phillies), brought together many Chorus Partners and Suppliers for another memorable shindig of presentations, keynote speakers, networking, and other unique activities.

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Great Moments in Video Conferencing: Healthcare Visitation

Olivia De Santos, visiting nurse with South Atlantic Health System, now has seven stops to make on her route through Boca Raton's Century Village on Thursdays. She's got vitals to take from seven 80-and 90-something seniors in three buildings, as shown on the map of the health system's dispatch and data collection app, running on her Surface Pro tablet.

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Click-to-Call in All Its Forms

Click-to-call: it ain’t your grandmother’s technology anymore!

When it was first introduced, click-to-call turned phone numbers on web pages into clickable links. If a website visitor clicked on one of those links, a simple voice call was set up between the visitor and the business. Now, the feature enables users to initiate voice calls, video calls, and even group video conference calls. It also works on websites, in emails, and in chat clients (like Slack). And, click-to-call calls can be made on desk phones, smartphones, and even using only a web browser.

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Great Moments in Video Conferencing: Real Estate Meetings & Tours

Paula Ravin, real estate agent, starts her Tuesday workday by clicking on a link she's populated into every 8:30 am Tuesday slot on her Google calendar: it's the weekly update she attends virtually with four colleagues at Winston-Kemmerman Realty. She can see them all, with their company-logoed coffee mugs, reporting from the office on Broad Street or from their home offices.

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SIP.js Gains Support for In-Band DTMF (Beta) in Latest Version 0.10.0

Our engineering team just released a few important updates to SIP.js in version 0.10.0. The main highlights of this release: adding support for in-band DTMF and attaching media via Session Description Handler Observer.

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Be Memorable to Your Customers by Using a Vanity Phone Number

If you're lucky enough to have a vanity phone number for your business, you know how beneficial it is. In addition to being easy to remember for customers and sales leads, it is also a critical part of your business's brand and marketing strategy.

In this blog post, we'll present information on what these numbers are, what advantages they can bring to your business, and how you can go about getting one.

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Great Moments in Video Conferencing: Parent-Teacher Meetings

Ms. Van Etten, sixth grade teacher at Intermediate School 102, sits down for her seventh parent-teacher conference of the evening -- via video call. It's not a technical stretch: the calls are initiated via a link sent out to the parents along with their timeslot. There's nothing to download; she's just logged into a web interface awaiting Ms. Brown's call.

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A Web-Based Admin Portal Will Help You Successfully Administer Your Cloud Phone System

You may be in the process of searching for your business's very first phone system. Or perhaps you've decided to take advantage of the cloud and replace your on-premise phone system with a hosted one.

Whatever the reason, one of the must-have features you're looking for is an administrative portal that allows for easy set up and maintenance of your business's phone service.

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