New OnSIP Phone Review: Jitsi Desktop for Mac

We're happy to announce our latest phone review! Jitsi Desktop for Mac is a free open source softphone with full scale functionality, including HD voice and video calls. We last reviewed Jitsi for Mac in 2011. We wanted to see if the softphone could still hold its own with big players like Bria. From the review:

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Build and Manage WebRTC Applications with SIP.js and

These days, developers working with real-time web-based communications have more resources than ever before. But what tools are best for analyzing the performance of WebRTC apps? We recently integrated with, a cloud-based monitoring and management service for WebRTC so that developers using SIP.js can monitor and analyze key metrics and errors on their calls.

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New OnSIP Phone Review: Obihai OBi1062

We're happy to announce our latest phone review! The Obihai OBi1062 is a color screen IP phone with WiFi, Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet, and up to 6 SIP account registrations. We loved the color screen, but we also had a few concerns with the WiFi. From the review:

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Virtual Phone Numbers: Benefits, Options, and Providers

A virtual phone number is used to route calls from one phone number to another. Many VoIP providers offer virtual phone numbers, either as a part of a larger PBX offering, or as a key component of a lightweight phone system.

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Brand Strategy: What Does Your Business Sound Like?

Many businesses spend time coming up with catchy taglines, picking the perfect business cards, purchasing matching uniforms, and unveiling new designs for their websites. But there's one brand strategy consideration that most businesses overlook: phone presence.

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Best CPaaS Providers: 5 Choices for Voice, Video, and Messaging

Text message reminders of doctor appointments, click-to-dial phone calls with support agents, and in-app streaming videos are just a handful of examples that highlight the pervasiveness of real-time communications (RTC) in apps that span many different categories.

Consumers expect easy access to voice, video, SMS, and other RTC features in a wide variety of applications. Even apps that aren't communications-based are expected to offer RTC as a way to enhance the user experience.

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Introducing OnSIP’s Business Softphone for Mac and Windows

We are excited to announce today that we officially released softphone applications for Mac and Windows. These desktop applications are fully-functional business phones with enterprise calling features and collaboration tools. Users familiar with our browser app will recognize the same interface and menu options, along with a few functions native to each operating system.

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4 Best Business Conference Phones for SMBs

Conference calls are a staple of small to medium sized businesses. As companies open new locations, hire remote employees, and service widespread customers, these calls allow dispersed teams to stay connected on a regular basis. And as the technology behind conference calling has advanced, so has the hardware supporting it.

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New OnSIP Phone Review: Jitsi Desktop for Ubuntu

Our latest phone review considers Jitsi Desktop for Ubuntu, the premier open source softphone for Linux. Although the phone is free, it has a robust feature set similar to many commercial softphones. Here's an excerpt from the review:

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Business VoIP Phones: Guide to Power over Ethernet and Port Speeds

When considering VoIP phone options, you'll notice that they vary in Ethernet speeds and support for Power over Ethernet (PoE). These features may seem like minor details, but they can actually affect the deployment of your phone system, the cost of your networking setup, the amount of physical space in your office, and other maintenance considerations.

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