New OnSIP Phone Review: Digium D60

We're happy to announce our latest phone review! We reviewed the Digium D60, an entry-level IP phone with excellent voice quality. The D60's voice quality compares to phones that cost twice as much. Here's what we said in the review:

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Test a Business VoIP Service with Loaner Phones

One of the primary reasons for adopting VoIP is costs savings. Businesses that switch to VoIP see average savings of 50 to 75 percent per month. With no maintenance or hardware costs, hosted VoIP eliminates the overhead fees that come with other phone systems.

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OnSIP to Exhibit Vacation Home Rental VoIP at the 2017 VRM Xtravaganza

Next week, OnSIP will head to the 2017 VRM Xtravaganza in Orlando to attend the largest vacation home conference in Florida. We are proud to exhibit at the event and join as a new member of the Florida Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA).

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What Internet Uptime Guarantee Do I Need For Business VoIP?

Service uptime is a key factor when considering an Internet Service Provider (ISP). From a hosted VoIP perspective, a reliable internet connection is crucial for your phone system. Lower uptime guarantees mean more potential outages and service disruptions, which can completely cripple your ability to make and receive business calls.

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Update Personal Call Forwarding Preferences in the OnSIP App

Ever wanted to forward your work calls to your cell phone when you travel for a conference? We just made that super easy in the OnSIP app. This blog is for OnSIP customers who want to let individual users set their personal call forwarding preferences without any further assistance from the admin user, once the calling destinations are added to the Admin Portal.

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3 Ways BroadSoft VoIP Service Leaves Customers Out

BroadSoft is a global communications software and service provider. The company licenses its platform, which includes voice, video, IM/chat, and business phone system features, to over 500 enterprise customers, many of which are business VoIP providers.

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Host Large Conference Calls With An External SIP Address

Many business VoIP companies offer conference bridges as an enterprise calling feature. These bridges can handle basic group calling, but typically can't accommodate large conference calls with more than 10 or 15 parties.

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6 Tests for a Business Phone System Free Trial

A business phone system free trial allows you to test out crucial features that can spell success for your business. Every organization will have different needs, but the following scenarios represent the most common phone system features that companies will use.

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New Phone Review: Yealink SIP-T19P E2

We're happy to announce our latest phone review. The Yealink SIP-T19P E2 is an entry-level SIP phone with surprisingly robust features, but average voice quality. Ultimately, you get what you pay for, and the phone is a low cost option that's perfect for bulk deployment and smaller operations. From the review:

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See OnSIP’s Technology Display at Who’s Who in Technology 2017

Next Wednesday, April 19th, Chorus Communications will be hosting the annual Who’s Who in Technology in Philadelphia. This is the first event since our official partnership announcement, and we are proud to attend as a Technology Display sponsor. Members of our team will also be present to meet with fellow agents, partners, and clients.

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