IT Market Clock for Enterprise Video

We were interested to see the WebRTC forecast in the IT Market Clock for Enterprise Video (2014) by Gartner. The analysis examines product categories in a number of key market segments that include endpoints, encoding, architecture and delivery. It mapped WebRTC in terms of two key distinctions: level of commoditization and progress through the product life cycle.

WebRTC forecast in the IT Market Clock for Enterprise Video (2014) by Gartner
The chart shows that WebRTC is at an advantageous point in its lifecycle.

The report identified that WebRTC is at a stage in the product life cycle that is highly amenable to commoditization, and thus profitability. According to the report: "WebRTC video's primary business advantage is the additional reach it supplies without the need to manage concurrent or ephemeral licenses, or intervene in initial endpoint configuration." In other words, WebRTC uses open sourced codecs, and is powered by Javascript commands that are already built into the browser.

WebRTC forecast in the Gartner report

The report follows a trend of new analysis that's emerged in the past few months. Disruptive Analysis recently published a report that predicted 6 billion WebRTC enabled devices by the end of 2019 (roughly 2 billion users).

WebRTC commoditization

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