Free Webinar: Secrets of a Top Selling OnSIP Agent

If you're a VoIP agent or reseller, don't miss this webinar:

Secrets of a Top Selling OnSIP Agent, tomorrow (Thursday) May 17, at 2 PM ET.

Introduced by OnSIP CEO Mike Oeth and featuring a Vice President of a successful, full-service telecom company serving the NYC-metro area, this webinar will be packed full of insight on selling and billing techniques. Attend to find out:

  • Consultative solutions provider versus push sales person— Which is more effective and when?
  • How to turn hosted phone system features into benefits that your clients need
  • How to field questions on commitments and reliability
  • Give your client more than one phone system option— A do or a don't?
  • ... Who is this Top Selling OnSIP Agent?

Our ongoing webinar series has been a great success so far, providing tips and tricks to VoIP resellers with customers ranging from 5 seats in one location to 200 seats spread throughout field offices. We give OnSIP agents and resellers a competitive advantage in selling VoIP services by expanding their knowledge of our hosted VoIP platform and distilling tips from experienced professionals in the channel.

If you are an individual or organization providing IT services, then the OnSIP agent program is a great opportunity to enhance your offerings with a highly demanded technology service. For more information about our agent program, click here.

Topics: VoIP Reseller