Check Out This Neat Windows 7 Gadget Called OnSIP Caller

About a month ago, #C programmer, gamer, and all around tech fanatic Nate Bross (@natebross) tweeted this message at us:

Tweet by Nate Bross

What is OnSIP Caller, you ask? It's an incredibly simple call initiation widget similar to something you can find in my.OnSIP. Enter in a number or extension, hit call, and your phone will ring. When you pick up your handset, you'll get an 'outside transfer' which creates a call with the number or extension you dialed. The difference is that 'OnSIP Caller' is an easy-to-access Windows Gadget just like Weather or Calendar.

OnSIP Caller

Installation and set up is a cinch. When you download the Gadget, it will automatically be open on your desktop. Hit the little wrench icon and input the SIP address of the SIP account you'd like to use and the "Default To Domain", which is just "@" + your SIP Proxy/Domain. For example, if my SIP address was, I'd put in as my SIP address and "" as my "Default To Domain".

The gadget appears to just work, allowing us to dial extensions, SIP addresses, and 10-digit phone numbers.

OnSIP Caller

A special thanks goes out to Nate for making this easy-to-use gadget. You can download it here.

OnSIP Caller uses the OnSIP Web Services API, and is based on the Ajax Click to Call example. This project was developed by a 3rd party developer and is neither supported by nor directly affiliated with OnSIP.