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Introducing the OnSIP Mobile App: An OnSIP Softphone for iOS and Android

OnSIP for iOS and OnSIP for Android are now available to all OnSIP users for free. Thanks to an outpouring of feedback from our early adopters, we're confident the OnSIP mobile app will be the most convenient mobile softphone option for your team.

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What's Killing Phone Calling? What Can Revive It? Voice Chat?

I was delighted to see this article by David Pierce from the Wall Street Journal of July 2018. He shares many of our thoughts on the purported death of phone calling.

Clearly, Pierce has it right when he points out that the Internet and smart phones brought us ways to communicate -- email, text, Facetime, Instagram, Snapchat, chat bots, etc. -- "that make phone calls seem wildly inefficient." He's also right when he says that these methods lack the "warmth and humanity that made the telephone work in the first place.”

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Can a Cloud Phone System Eliminate the Barriers Preventing Conversations?

With proliferating digital communication channels and ubiquitous mobile phones, you would think that we would be having more conversations than ever before, but in fact the opposite is true.

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Vonage Phone Not Working? Having Inbound Call Issues? [Offer]

Inbound call issue with Vonage and Cisco SPA phones

OnSIP is an alternative to Vonage for Business (Vocalocity), and we've recently gotten feedback from new customers that they made the switch to OnSIP because of issues with Vonage and their IP phones. Specifically, inbound calls are cutting off after 2 minutes when answered on a Cisco SPA phone. If this is affecting your business, you are not alone.

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Proxy Issue in LA Data Center - User Registrations Affected

9:39 am EST We are aware of an issue affecting users registered to a proxy in the LA data center. We are currently migrating users to our NY data centers to restore service for them. Updates here.

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IT Market Clock for Enterprise Video

We were interested to see the WebRTC forecast in the IT Market Clock for Enterprise Video (2014) by Gartner. The analysis examines product categories in a number of key market segments that include endpoints, encoding, architecture and delivery. It mapped WebRTC in terms of two key distinctions: level of commoditization and progress through the product life cycle.

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WebRTC on iOS

A few weeks ago Apple held WWDC, the premier developer conference for Apple developers. The big event was Apple’s keynote presentation where a lot of really cool and innovative things were announced. One thing that I noticed was missing is any mention of WebRTC support for the Safari browser. This is a big deal because a large segment of the mobile market uses iOS, and the only real web browser that you can use on your iPhone or iPad is Apple’s Safari browser.

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Customer Service - A Key Business VoIP Differentiator

Customer Service Built for Business VoIP

Customer service is an important topic in the business VoIP world. Every organization will proudly point out that it is dedicated to offering the highest quality service, and business schools devote entire courses to it. Nevertheless, there are many business VoIP companies who treat their customer service departments like afterthoughts, and users dread the thought of contacting them.

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Topics: VoIP Fundamentals, Introduction to Business VoIP, customer service

Firefox and WebRTC

Mozilla’s Firefox is harnessed by almost 20% of all internet users, which makes it the third most popular browser worldwide.1 When WebRTC on Firefox is combined with Chrome’s market share, the total percentage of the world’s WebRTC-enabled browsers comes to 63.84%. As an open source project since its release in 2004, Firefox is the only Big Three browser that remains entirely in the public domain. With its focus on openness and freeness from third party plugins, Firefox embraced WebRTC early in the project’s genesis.

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WebRTC Video

WebRTC Video Capabilities

Real-time video is the lifeblood of communications applications such as Skype, a program in which the computer’s video camera captures visual data and sends it to another user. But programs such as Skype require the user to download software to implement this real-time video exchange. Perhaps the most impressive component of WebRTC is its ability to stream this kind of real-time video without requiring any additional plugins or add-ons for the internet browser. WebRTC video capabilities are built directly into the browser itself, and they do not require anything beyond a Chrome or Firefox browser to run.

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