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Joe is currently the Marketing Communications Lead at OnSIP. He graduated from Rutgers College with a double major in Communication and History.

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Web Design Trends in the Spotlight on #SMBlab [VIDEO]

Web and app design has come a long way since the early days of the Internet (remember those cheesy, animated GIFs from the '90s?), and it continues to evolve.

Angela Leavitt (@MojoMktg) and Mike Oeth (@VoIPCEO) examined this topic with special guests Heather Heigel and Kate Ferrara of House (@HouseAndculture), a high-impact design agency. The wide-ranging and fun conversation delved into UX (user experience), UI (user interface), IA (information architecture), design software tools, and the future of apps. Don't have a case of FOMO - check out the video below!

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Telecommuting & Agile Development: New SMB Trends

Do you find yourself working away from the office every so often, whether from home or from remote locations?

Telecommuting is an emerging trend in the business world, along with a new software development and project management process known as the 'Agile Methodology.' Mike Oeth of OnSIP and Angela Leavitt of Mojo Marketing explored these topics in a #SMBlab session on February 17th. Their guest was Eric Tamme, Principal Engineer at OnSIP, who has in-depth knowledge on these two subjects. Watch the video to learn more about these topical issues.

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#SMBlab: Exploring WebRTC and Cloud UC [VIDEO]

Want to brush up on WebRTC and cloud unified communications (UC) services?

Mike Oeth of OnSIP and Angela Leavitt of Mojo Marketing continue the conversation on SMB tech and trends in the latest episode of #SMBlab. They also had a special guest join as well: Ed Szamborski of AAccess Network Communications. Ed is a great friend to OnSIP, as well as one of our resellers. Watch the conversation, and join in via Twitter or Facebook.

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#SMBlab on WebRTC, Cloud Security & the Role of CIOs [VIDEO]

In the latest episode of #SMBlab, co-hosts Mike Oeth of OnSIP and Angela Leavitt of Mojo Marketing dive into topics ranging from cloud security to real-world applications powered by WebRTC. Watch the conversation, and tell us what you think on Twitter or Facebook!

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#SMBlab Talking WebRTC, VoIP and SMB Resolutions [VIDEO]

In this episode of #SMBlab, OnSIP’s Mike Oeth and Mojo Marketing’s Angela Leavitt discuss three interesting recent articles on WebRTC, hosted VoIP, and 2016 SMB resolutions. Watch the video recording, check out the articles they reviewed, and share your thoughts on these topics with us on Twitter.

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VoIP CRM Integrations: Search Trends Over Time

Business phone systems have come a long way from the old days of the Nortel Meridian.

Technology-savvy customers are now expecting their company's phone system to handle more than just telephone calls. Whether it's voicemail-to-email capability, chat or presence functionality to keep in touch with colleagues, or integrations with today's most popular CRM platforms, decision makers want a phone system that provides their staff with the tools to work more efficiently.

We decided to use Google Trends to compare the monthly search volume for a few VoIP CRM integrations and uncover the trends that are occurring over time. Check out what we found:

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Web Phone System - No Deskphones, No Dialing

In a past blog post, we explored the question, "Is a phone system necessary?"

Presented with a cornucopia of online communications services - Slack for group chat, Google Apps for Work for email and team collaboration, GoToMeeting for conferences and meetings, etc. - certain businesses may be able to operate without one.

Most, however, probably need a phone system to provide the ability for customers to call in when necessary. But instead of investing in the hardware needed to support that system, such as servers and even deskphones themselves, have you ever considered the possibility of implementing a web phone system?

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Blabbing about #SIP, #WebRTC and more with @MojoMktg [VIDEO]

What’s happening in the business real-time communications space? What are the current trends in SMB technology? In the first of many sessions, Mike Oeth from OnSIP and Angela Leavitt from Mojo Marketing share their thoughts on Blab, a new video livestreaming platform, on topics ranging from SIP adoption to WebRTC, BYOD, and more.

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New York Business VoIP Resellers

In an earlier blog post, we discussed how New York business VoIP providers can offer NYC-based companies the flexibility needed to keep up with the fast paced workstyle. VoIP services allow employees to work remotely and still be as productive as if they were at their desks (they will be able to extension dial their colleagues from their home office phones, for instance). Hosted VoIP also enables you to make moves, adds, and changes in real-time by use of an online admin portal.

But ensuring that your network infrastructure can handle a new VoIP service can be a time-consuming task. Where can you turn to for assistance, if you need it?

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New York Business VoIP

Anybody who has ever lived in New York City knows that it has a uniquely fast paced lifestyle and workstyle. As New Yorkers work long and hard hours, they need a reliable and flexible phone system. If your business phone solution isn't making the cut, a new hosted VoIP service can help you fix it in a New York Minute. Here is an overview of hosted VoIP that you can use today.

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