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Joe is currently the Lead, Product Marketing & PR, at OnSIP. He graduated from Rutgers College with a double major in Communication and History.

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OnSIP Tips & Tricks: Find Me, Follow Me Type Feature

Find Me, Follow Me allows you to answer incoming business calls whether you’re in the office or not. Perfect for mobile workers and business travelers, this customizable call forwarding option lets you increase your availability without having to be stuck at your desk. Rely on it to remain accessible to customers, clients, and colleagues when you’re away from your desk phone in the office.

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Need a Multi-Line Softphone Recommendation? Try the OnSIP App

A multi-line business phone allows you to efficiently manage your work calls. This functionality lets you handle multiple calls at the same time and also enables you to receive calls from different phone numbers or destinations.

The OnSIP app, our business softphone available for free for all OnSIP customers, provides multi-line capability in both its web and desktop versions. This can be especially helpful for staff members who answer both sales and support calls at your company. Log into the app and see how you can use it to organize and manage different conversations with ease.

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OnSIP Tip: Set Up an External Phone Number

Do you ever wish that your coworkers could reach you on your cell phone just by dialing a short extension? Or maybe you want calls that are made to your work extension failover to your cell phone if you aren’t able to answer them at your desk.

OnSIP enables you to add external phone numbers to your account and use them as call destinations and call failovers. Take advantage of this useful capability to extend your communication range and options!

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OnSIP Click-to-Call Chrome Extension

Did you know that OnSIP offers a click-to-call extension for Google Chrome?

The OnSIP Call Assistant for Google Chrome turns phone numbers on webpages into clickable links. Instead of having to dial a phone number, you can seamlessly connect with any business or professional services provider just by clicking on the displayed number. Discover how this feature can help you to work faster and more efficiently during the workday in our blog post below.

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OnSIP Tips: Checking Your Voicemail Remotely

Checking your voicemail messages can be a hassle. You have to dial into a voicemail manager, enter in your voice mailbox and PIN numbers, and navigate menu prompts. And if you need to listen to the message again in order to write down a name or phone number, make sure that you press the menu prompt that replays it, not the one that deletes it!

Thankfully, there are other effortless ways to review voicemail messages, especially when you’re away from the office. Try using one of these below methods: not only will they make listening to voicemails easier, but they'll also let you retrieve and respond to messages much faster than before.

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5 Guidelines for SMB VoIP Implementation

Great, you’ve decided to set up a cloud VoIP system for your business! Soon, you and your employees will benefit from features such as: softphone apps on your smartphones, video calling/conferencing using only a browser window or computer desktop app, and click-to-call abilities so you can reach colleagues, customers, and sales prospects with just a click.

Preparing a research and deployment plan before you begin your cloud VoIP search will help to ease the process along and ensure that you make the best possible decision for your business. Here are a few guidelines to make your company’s VoIP deployment a success:

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Cloud VoIP Features for the Mobile Small Business

Perhaps you have a mobile sales team who gathers for a morning meeting and then scatters to meet with clients for the rest of the day. Or maybe your startup has a few employees who handle multiple responsibilities and are always on the move!

Whatever the reason, yours is a mobile small business. You need technology that can meet the needs of your agile and hard-working staff.

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Postgame Recap: Chorus Communications' Who's Who in Technology 2018

On May 2, a few members of the OnSIP team traveled to Philadelphia to attend Chorus Communications' 11th Annual Who’s Who In Technology! The event, held at Citizens Bank Park (the home of the Philadelphia Phillies), brought together many Chorus Partners and Suppliers for another memorable shindig of presentations, keynote speakers, networking, and other unique activities.

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Click-to-Call in All Its Forms

Click-to-call: it ain’t your grandmother’s technology anymore!

When it was first introduced, click-to-call turned phone numbers on web pages into clickable links. If a website visitor clicked on one of those links, a simple voice call was set up between the visitor and the business. Now, the feature enables users to initiate voice calls, video calls, and even group video conference calls. It also works on websites, in emails, and in chat clients (like Slack). And, click-to-call calls can be made on desk phones, smartphones, and even using only a web browser.

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SIP.js Gains Support for In-Band DTMF (Beta) in Latest Version 0.10.0

Our engineering team just released a few important updates to SIP.js in version 0.10.0. The main highlights of this release: adding support for in-band DTMF and attaching media via Session Description Handler Observer.

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