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Joe is currently the Marketing Communications Lead at OnSIP. He graduated from Rutgers College with a double major in Communication and History.

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How a Cloud Phone System Can Help Your Business Compete with Larger Competitors

Deploying a cloud phone system is one of the best business decisions you can make. Why?

Cloud phone providers offer platforms that have ever-increasing lists of features, indicated by proud advertisements that state they offer "X number of features!" and "Y number of application integrations!" But what is perhaps more important is the quality of features that are included in their platforms.

By switching to a cloud phone system, your business will gain many abilities that will help you compete with larger competitors. Learn about some of the significant advantages below:

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Gain Business Intelligence with OnSIP's Call Tracking Metrics

Data. You need it to make wise business decisions.

Actually, you need to understand it in order to make those prudent decisions. Reports that present your business's data in an organized fashion will help you uncover patterns and find actionable intelligence. As PwC put it:

Applying analytics technologies, tools, techniques and talent can transform dry facts and figures into strategic insights that deliver intelligence in the moment. You can now solve specific and complex business problems on reliable intel, not gut-instinct.

An OnSIP cloud phone system provides a variety of built-in reports and dashboards that are available for your use. These features present invaluable call tracking metrics that measure how your company is using the phone system.

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Unique Ways to Use Cloud Phone System Features

If you're already using a cloud phone system, or are in the process of researching them, you certainly know about the long list of features, abilities, and integrations that they offer.

But besides utilizing auto attendants, conference bridges, and call queues, how else can you use a cloud phone system to meet your business needs?

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Are You Still Doing Work That a Cloud Phone System Can Do for You?

Today's cloud phone systems do much more than just direct calls and light up buttons on a desk phone. Addressing rapidly changing business needs, their service platforms offer: voice and video calling, mobile communications, IM/chat, video conferencing, integrations with CRM and help desk software, screensharing, SMS...the list goes on and on.

Considering the fact that cloud phone systems provide all of these productivity-boosting features, ask yourself an important question: Are you doing work that your phone system can handle?

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Social Selling and Social Media Strategies for SMBs [VIDEO]

Why did the marketing couple decide not to get married?

Because they weren't on the same landing page!

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The Growth of Innovation Centers & Tech Hubs on #SMBlab [VIDEO]

Angela Leavitt (@MojoMktg) and Mike Oeth (@VoIPCEO) hosted a fascinating conversation on last week's #SMBlab looking at tech hubs in the United States and the innovators who are active within them. They spoke with Daniel Cooper (@ReinhartGenesis) of Reinhart Genesis, an initiative that provides networking, support, and legal advice to innovators and startups throughout the country.

Learn about tech hubs by watching the video or reading our overview of their discussion.

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Storytelling & Video Marketing Tips for Business on #SMBlab [VIDEO]

Lights, camera, conversion!

Our latest #SMBlab delved into the timely topic of video marketing. Angela Leavitt (@MojoMktg) and Mike Oeth (@VoIPCEO) sat down with featured guest Noah Workman (@Noahworkman), the co-founder of Iris MediaWorks, a video production and content strategy firm based in Brooklyn, NY.

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Stacklist Reviews Business Tools & Trends on #SMBlab [VIDEO]

Slack. Evernote. Freshbooks. As a business owner, how do you know which software tools are best for your growing business?

Last week, we invited Amanda Moskowitz (@theStackList), the Founder and CEO of Stacklist, to discuss this topic on #SMBlab with Angela Leavitt (@MojoMktg) and Mike Oeth (@VoIPCEO). Stacklist, a website recently featured in TechCrunch, publishes curated reviews of software apps from business owners themselves.

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Small Business Lessons and Tips on #SMBlab [VIDEO]

On last Friday's #SMBlab, Angela Leavitt (@MojoMktg) and Mike Oeth (@VoIPCEO) welcomed OnSIP customer Dave Klepp (@ESS_Guru) from Engineered Security Solution as the show's special guest. The conversation flowed from Dave's personal experience as a small business owner to useful tips that entrepreneurs can apply to their own businesses.

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Web Design Trends in the Spotlight on #SMBlab [VIDEO]

Web and app design has come a long way since the early days of the Internet (remember those cheesy, animated GIFs from the '90s?), and it continues to evolve.

Angela Leavitt (@MojoMktg) and Mike Oeth (@VoIPCEO) examined this topic with special guests Heather Heigel and Kate Ferrara of House (@HouseAndculture), a high-impact design agency. The wide-ranging and fun conversation delved into UX (user experience), UI (user interface), IA (information architecture), design software tools, and the future of apps. Don't have a case of FOMO - check out the video below!

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