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Joe is currently the Lead, Product Marketing & PR, at OnSIP. He graduated from Rutgers College with a double major in Communication and History.

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OnSIP App Case Study: Replacing Business Phones with Softphones

While there are many ways for businesses to connect with customers and prospects, phone calls remain a primary method of communication. But with the rise of remote working and telecommuting, today's sales reps—and employees in general—can't be tied down to a physical phone in one location. In order to be productive, they need flexibility.

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Cloud Phone Systems: A Critical Tool for Financial Planning Firms

When Nicholas Hamner of Franklin Retirement Solutions needed to replace his company’s aging phone system, he turned to cloud VoIP. As the Director of Marketing/Operations, he knew that a hosted phone system would provide his business with many benefits: lower costs, flexibility to add and remove phone features as needed, and remote working capabilities.

After conducting extensive research on hosted VoIP providers, he selected OnSIP for our comprehensive Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform. Equipped with our softphone app, the staff at Franklin Retirement Solutions stays connected to the office even when they are visiting clients at their homes.

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A Rockin' Evening at Chorus Communications' 2017 Carriers Ball

OnSIP was proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of The 2017 Carriers Ball, hosted by Chorus Communications, one of the nation's leading master agencies. The Ball was held at the renowned Maggie Mae's bar and music venue in Austin, Texas, during the Channels Partners Evolution event, which a few members of the OnSIP Team attended.

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4 Headset Options for Business VoIP Phones

Think back to the last long phone call you were on...not exactly a pleasant memory, right? You know that feeling of your arm and ear going numb from holding the phone up to your head for hours!

If you don't have one already, a phone headset is a great solution to that problem. Ideal for sales reps, customer support agents, receptionists, and others who spend much of their days on the phone, headsets provide great comfort and flexibility to those that use them.

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School Phone Systems: Hosted VoIP Earns a Perfect Score

At the end of 2015, Carl Sigmond, Operations Manager at The Woolman Semester School, began a search for a new phone system. The school— located in the remote Sierra Nevadas of California— had an on-site CudaTel VoIP server that was expensive to maintain and had various call quality issues.

Carl was introduced to OnSIP by the school's IT Administrator. After deciding to go with our service, he began setting up phones with his team to connect the various buildings and dormitories spread out over the school's expansive campus.

The Woolman Semester School is a great example of how cloud VoIP phone systems can be an invaluable tool for educational facilities. These services offer a variety of features and capabilities that are ideal for a school environment, and all for a lower price than landline telephone services.

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Law Office Phone Systems: Options & Considerations

In 2013, Jonathan Conant was busy establishing his law practice, the Conant Mediation Center. With two locations in Arizona, he needed a phone system that offered flexible options for his on-the-go staff and scalability for his growing firm. He considered hosted phone systems and selected OnSIP for his new service.

With OnSIP, he now has a business phone system that grows with his firm while providing advanced call capabilities for his dispersed staff. He can rely on the service to support his future plans for a third and fourth office in the state.

Jonathan's story shows how business VoIP services can be a smart choice for law firms. These services offer many capabilities that will support a firm's operations and compliment the competence of the staff.

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Cloud Phone System for Commercial Real Estate: Case Study

In 2011, Bill Vogel, the Principal & Managing Broker of Third Coast Commercial Real Estate, found that his firm was outgrowing the TalkSwitch IP-PBX phone system it was using. His growing real estate business was in need of more advanced functionality than the on-site phone system could offer. He began his search for a replacement.

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OnSIP CEO Discusses New WebRTC Apps and Free Plan on VUC [VIDEO]

A couple of weeks ago, OnSIP Cofounder and CEO Mike Oeth stopped by the VoIP Users Conference (VUC) for a chat about OnSIP's latest integrations and WebRTC-based offerings. The moderators of the VUC are Randy Resnick and Michael Graves, and they host live discussions on telecom, VoIP, and WebRTC topics every Friday at 12 Noon ET. OnSIP is proud to be one of the sponsors of the VUC, and Mike was happy to join them for a wide-ranging conversation.

Check out the video or read our summary below.

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Local Number Portability 101 [FAQ]

Great - you've chosen a new phone service for your business! A new phone system means new capabilities, especially if you've chosen a business VoIP service. Some advantages of switching to VoIP include: mobile softphones, video call links on your website, rich call data, and leading integrations with CRM platforms.

One of the first steps you'll have to take in your transition to the new service is moving your phone number(s) from your current provider. While this can be a tedious process, arming yourself with knowledge of the procedure, as well as some best practices, will help to ensure that your porting process goes quickly and smoothly.

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Social Selling and Social Media Strategies for SMBs [VIDEO]

Why did the marketing couple decide not to get married?

Because they weren't on the same landing page!

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