Erick Johnson

Dodging Sipvicious Script Kiddies

Occasionally we find one of our SIP servers being probed/attacked by some joker running sipvicious. If you're on your machine and see a flood of packets that look like this:

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Music On Hold and the SIP Offer/Answer Model - What were we thinking?

We received a comment on a recent blog post that asked us why we have implemented our music on hold (MOH) service in the manner we did. While reading the comment I realized that we released the service and alerted customers it existed, but nobody in the engineering department stepped up to explain any of the technical details behind the mechanisms we decided to support - by nobody I mean me... oops. The comment I'm referring to is quoted here:

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Securing SIP Services (and Google Voice)

A recent comment on Leo's stand alone VoIP service post brought up a topic always worth exploring; SIP security. Here's the quote:

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