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Erick Johnson

Dodging Sipvicious Script Kiddies

Occasionally we find one of our SIP servers being probed/attacked by some joker running sipvicious. If you're on your machine and see a flood of packets that look like this:

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GIT Stuff: Discard Some But Not All Changes To A File In Your Working Directory

I'm told that the marketing department is always looking for blog posts on something, so I figured I'd try to start posting about some ways that I use GIT. These certainly aren't brain buster techniques, but they may be helpful to the GIT novices of the world. I'll try to keep the posts to stuff that you could never do with SVN, using GIT though, that leaves the possibilities endless. Tonight I'm only going to mention a simple trick, discarding only some changes to a single file in your working directory. If you're like me, then you are a deficient GIT committer. If committing were a class then I'd get a C for sheer laziness. I'll go hours, sometimes even days :O, without commiting. This is a horrible thing to do with GIT - I know - but what can I say, maybe I have a fear of commitment*. Unsurprisingly this bad habit gets me into a mess, I'll end up with a file that has a whole set of changes that I want, and a bunch that I don't want. The changes I do want though - I'm still not yet ready to pull the trigger and make a commit. In any case I'll end up with working directory that looks like this:

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Music On Hold and the SIP Offer/Answer Model - What were we thinking?

We received a comment on a recent blog post that asked us why we have implemented our music on hold (MOH) service in the manner we did. While reading the comment I realized that we released the service and alerted customers it existed, but nobody in the engineering department stepped up to explain any of the technical details behind the mechanisms we decided to support - by nobody I mean me... oops. The comment I'm referring to is quoted here:

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Securing SIP Services (and Google Voice)

A recent comment on Leo's stand alone VoIP service post brought up a topic always worth exploring; SIP security. Here's the quote:

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10/GUI and Changing Interaction Paradigms

10GUI is something I came across almost a year ago that I was reminded of the other day while speaking to John about touch screen devices. Designed by R. Clayton Miller, 10GUI is a concept design in the next evolution of human interface elements. He says, "the mouse and the windowed desktop are perhaps the two greatest innovations in the history of human-computer interaction. But like all innovations, they are best seen as part of a continuum rather than a terminus."

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Dr. Froyo or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Tethering

This blog is by Erick, a software engineer here at Junction Networks

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Why OnSIP is Built with Open Source Software

A brief post over at OSTATIC about why web services companies rely so heavily on open source software makes a great point on the level of control that open source software brings to a company over an otherwise equivalent proprietary solution. From the article...

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Javascript: The Good Parts

Douglas Crockford1 of Yahoo! has just published an excellent new book titled Javascript: The Good Parts.

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2008 OnSIP Release Update

Hi Everyone, It's been a few weeks since our last release but now we're back from the Holidays and we've begun working on new features again. This week we have just a few minor changes for you as most of our development efforts are being focused on a few larger projects to be announced later ;)

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