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Video conferencing Services, Part II: Free Options for Casual Meetings

If you're making a long-distance presentation to business prospects, doing a remote deposition or webinar, you should probably go for the crisper audio, sharper video and fancier controls of a business-grade, paid video conferencing service

But say you're a small business or a department looking for something more like casual-Friday conferencing: You want to meet with two or three dispersed coworkers to get real work done, huddling over a shared screen or document or recording a brainstorming session. While you have to hear clearly, pass the mike around and clearly see the document or demo, you don't need to accommodate a Brady Bunch matrix of talking heads or be able to tell whether Steven shaved that morning.

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Video conferencing Services, Part I: When (and when not) to Pay, How to Choose

Video conferencing (VC) won its business case decades ago. Today working people of all stripes are more than willing to sit before cameras, talk to screens and remote-share desktops for the chance to stay off planes and out of airports.

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Cloud Phone Service Office Moving Guide: 8 Considerations

One of the many benefits of having a cloud phone service is flexibility. Without the need to host your phone system IT on-site, companies can relocate and keep the phone lines active with minimal planning. The cloud has you covered, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for the transition. Here are a few important details to keep in mind when it comes to moving your business phones.

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Moving Checklist for Business Phone System IT and Hardware

You're moving your business across town or across the street, and with that, your office IT and phone equipment. In a small to medium-sized business, the task of coordinating this relocation often falls to the owner, an executive, or office manager—not technical specialists.

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Moving Offices: Bring the Phone System or Switch to the Cloud?

You're relocating your business. Many companies seize the opportunity of a move to shrink their server rooms; replacing, say, eight dedicated server machines with two servers and eight virtual machines. Or they migrate applications altogether, outsourcing to SaaS providers in the cloud.

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8 Ways HIPAA Compliant Cloud Phone Systems Help Healthcare

If you work in a pharmacy, insurance company, hospital, or any kind of healthcare practice, you know about HIPAA. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 obligates all healthcare providers or payers to safeguard the privacy and integrity of the personal health information, or PHI, of patients. You also know that it's about much more than securing digital data files: It's what obligates the pharmacy technician to ask customers in line to step back from the pickup counter; it's what requires hard copy patient records to be kept out of reach of unauthorized personnel.

Also under HIPAA's umbrella? Telephone usage.

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