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FEB 2015

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 12:31 PM EST

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FEB 2015

Posted by Joseph De Bari at 02:11 PM EST

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OnSIP Reseller Program: Take Advantage of our Extensive Resources!

The OnSIP VoIP Reseller program is for sales consultants and IT specialists interested in offering a reliable, cloud-based business hosted PBX service in their portfolios. Our reseller program has seen marked growth over the years, and we currently have a multitude of talented agents scattered throughout the United States. The OnSIP team is committed to assisting our agents in any way we can, and to that end, we provide a variety of assets that are at our agents’ disposal. Here's a brief overview of the VoIP Reseller resources that we offer.

FEB 2015

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 11:51 AM EST

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Latest Phone Review: Panasonic KX-UTG300B

The Panasonic KX-UTG300B is breaking down the barrier between desk phones and smart phones. Though its touch screen functionality does not apply to user input, the 300B is nevertheless taking a step in the right direction, making it easier for users to operate the device. Furthermore, the HD Voice quality is excellent, perhaps surpassing even the best phones on the market.

Read the full assessment of the 300B in our phone reviews section.

JAN 2015

Posted by Joseph De Bari at 02:31 PM EST

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OnSIP Tip: Using Call Groups and Business Hour Rules to Unify Offices in Different Time Zones

Business Hosted PBX platforms allow companies much flexibility in setting up their phone systems. Chuck Dunne, OnSIP Senior Account Manager, made OnSIP Hosted PBX work to a customer’s advantage in addressing a rather intricate situation. This customer had 2 offices in different time zones, and wanted to have everyone’s phones ring upon an incoming call, but only when each office was open. Chuck was able to assist the customer in setting up their Hosted PBX to accomplish this by using call groups and business hour rules.

Read on to find out how they did it!

JAN 2015

Posted by Joseph De Bari at 01:44 PM EST

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OnSIP CEO Cooks a Recipe from Ed's Kitchen Simple!

We've had a great response to our blog spotlight last month on Ed's Kitchen Simple, a YouTube cooking channel hosted by OnSIP VoIP reseller Ed Szamborski of Aaccess Network Communications. Our own CEO, Michael Oeth, was inspired to try one of Ed's recipes: Beef Stew, episode #72.

Read on to view Ed's original video and Mike's response video about his experience and how the recipe came out!