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Jitsi for OnSIP

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User Guide

When you open Jitsi for OnSIP, you will see a login screen like the one shown below. Enter in your SIP address, and web password.

If you do not know your SIP address, please contact your account administrator for help. Once you have your SIP address, you can simply go to my.OnSIP, type in your SIP address at the login screen, and hit the 'Send my password' link to get your web password. Our system will send you a randomly generated password to your email. We highly recommend that you login to my.OnSIP and reset your password to something easier to remember (click the cog in the upper right-hand corner of the my.OnSIP interface). You can also have your account administrator send you your web password from the User tab in the OnSIP admin portal.

If you've used the my.OnSIP UC tool, then your Jitsi application window will be populated with the same XMPP contacts you see in my.OnSIP. It works like a chat client. If you have never logged into my.OnSIP, your Jitsi application will be a blank slate.


Note that the XMPP contacts are chat only by default, but it's easy to edit your contact list so that you can initiate both voice and video calls with just a click of your mouse. The images below show my contacts Clorece and Dave expanded. For Clorece, I can only click to instant message her, but for Dave, I can click to instant message him, call him, video call him, and start a screen sharing session with him.


Here's what I did. I right-clicked on Dave's name in my contact list and selected the option 'Add contact to Dave Jodhan'. On the screen that popped up, I simply added his 4 digit OnSIP extension to the field marked 'ID or Number'. Note that I could have also added a phone number or SIP address.

In addition, there are several other ways to create a call. You can either use the dialpad, which you can access by clicking on the phone icon, or type a number, extension, or contact into the search bar. The small green icon in your search bar acts as your call button. If parties you're trying to call are already in your contact list, you'll see them pop up. If they are not, you are given the option to either add them or simply call them.

* This phone is best when used with a headset.