We allow anyone to leverage our XMPP and web services APIs to build powerful, productivity-boosting applications and integrations. Learn more.

OnSIP works together with business services and software you use everyday. Some of our most popular integrations include our Chrome and Firefox click-to-call browser plugins.

OnSIP InstaPhone- A softphone that works within a browser tab, requires no downloads or plug-ins, and comes free with an OnSIP account. All you need to get started is your SIP address and web password. Use it as your go-to software phone, or as a quick and easy way to test drive OnSIP. Learn more.

Highrise Plugin - Automatically log your calls in Highrise each time you call or receive a call from one of your Highrise contacts. The plugin records the time of the call, and allows you to add notes. Learn more.

Zendesk & Phonetag Integration - Automatically turn your voicemail messages into Zendesk support tickets. Learn more.

VoIP Readiness Test - This test will let you know if your network is ready for business VoIP. Learn more.

Live Call Map - We built this integration with Google Maps to help you visualize OnSIP. This shows OnSIP calls across the USA as they're made in real time. Learn more.

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