Network Alert History

  • Start: 2011.07.25 9:29 AM ET End: 2011.07.25 10:15 AM ET
    At 9:29 AM ET, we began tracking reports of service degradation wherein inbound calls were failing. We believed it be an issue with an inbound carrier and contacted their Network Operations Center to advise them of the issue. At 10:10 AM ET, we reported about two dozen inbound phone numbers were...
  • Start: 2011.06.28 9:00 AM ET End: 2011.06.28 9:45 AM ET
    At approximately 9:00 AM ET, we began tracking a service interruption wherein customers who appeared to be registered were not able to receive calls. This was due to an issue in one of our SIP proxies and thereby affected a portion of registrations. The issue was resolved at 9:45 AM ET.
  • Start: 2011.05.31 1:10 PM ET End: 2011.05.31 1:40 PM ET

    Some OnSIP customers experienced a loss of service on Tuesday 5/31/11 from approximately 1:10 pm until approximately 1:40pm. This loss of service included the inability to initiate an outbound call or to properly answer an inbound call. It was soon determined that the service interruption was...

  • Start: 2011.05.27 10:45 AM ET End: 2011.05.27 12:30 PM ET

    At 10:45 AM ET, we began tracking a network issue in our NYC data center that affected about 25% of customers.

    At 11:15 AM, we diagnosed the problem within the NYC data center: One of the BGP peers that connects to one of our proxies was flapping, resulting in unreliable data...

  • Start: 2011.04.15 2:40 PM ET End: 2011.04.15 2:43 PM ET
    Between the times of 2:40 PM ET and 2:43 PM ET, customers may have experienced service degradation. This issue was resolved by 2:43 ET.
  • Start: 2011.01.11 7:47 PM ET End: 2011.01.11 8:50 PM ET

    The server is currently under heavy load. There is a device on the Internet sending us thousands of bad packets per second which is filling the error logs and bogging down the server.

    We are attempting to isolate that traffic and allow the server to return to normal....

  • Start: 2010.12.04 1:00 AM ET End: 2010.12.04 7:00 AM ET

    Between the hours of 1:00 and 7:00 A.M. EST on Saturday, December 4th, Junction Networks will be performing necessary maintenance. During this maintenance window, there is an expected service interruption wherein OnSIP and PSTN Gateway customers will be unable to send or receive calls. This...

  • Start: 2010.11.22 3:10 AM ET End: 2010.11.22 4:30 AM ET
    Junction Networks is currently tracking an issue where no traffic is able to be routed to any Junction Networks domain. No phones are able to register and no calls are possible either in or out of the system. Engineers have been dispatched.
  • Start: 2010.11.16 10:58 PM ET End: 2010.11.17 12:04 AM ET
    We are currently working on an issue with a handful of inbound numbers where either the call lasts for only 20 seconds or the call is never setup in the first place. The issue is with our upstream carrier and they have escalated the issue internally. We will post updates in the comments.
  • Start: 2010.11.08 4:24 PM ET End: 2010.11.08 5:13 PM ET
    Good Morning. We are currently tracking an issue where inbound calls are failing to Junction Networks numbers. Our NOC is tracking the issue and will update as soon as we have more information. Please follow our twitter feed @onsip for up to the minute information as soon as it's available.
  • Start: 2010.09.16 9:03 AM ET End: 2010.09.16 11:50 AM ET

    We are currently experiencing an Internet routing issue with one of our main Internet connections. It is causing problems for both inbound and outbound calls for some customers. Our engineering team is working to route around the issue.

    Update: We have detected a large...

  • Start: 2010.07.25 1:22 PM ET End: 2010.07.25 3:35 PM ET
    We are currently tracking an issue with our IAX (PSTN Gateway) server. Currently no IAX traffic is going in or out of the network. Engineers have been dispatched to examine the servers. We expect the service to be restored by 5pm EST today (Sunday July 25.)
  • Start: 2010.07.06 3:12 PM ET End: 2010.07.06 4:37 PM ET
    A subset of inbound calls to the OnSIP hosted PBX are currently not being correctly routed. Inbound phone numbers starting in 6xx, 7xx, 8xx, 9xx and 855, 866, 877, except 800 and 888 are affected.
  • Start: 2010.04.28 1:44 PM ET End: 2010.04.28 2:57 PM ET

    Callers from the PSTN are having issues getting through our PSTN to the correct destination.

    We believe that we are getting dual DTMF tones from our carrier across some numbers. We are opening a case with them to further investigate the issue.

  • Start: 2010.04.10 11:00 PM ET End: 2010.04.11 3:00 AM ET

    Please be advised that Junction Networks will be performing a scheduled maintenance on Saturday, April 10th from 11:00 P.M. EST - Sunday, April 11th 03:00 A.M. EST. The impact on customers should be minimal, but there may be brief outages that will affect services.

    We apologize for any...

  • Start: 2010.04.08 8:14 AM ET End: 2010.04.08 9:02 AM ET
    This morning we are tracking a possible outage affecting a number of accounts. Symptoms are "unable to receive inbound calls". We have engineering looking into it now.
  • Start: 2010.02.14 12:00 AM ET End: 2010.02.14 4:00 AM ET

    Please be advised that Junction Networks will be performing a scheduled maintenance on Sunday, February 14th from 12:00 A.M. EST - 04:00 A.M. EST. During this period, there will be brief outages that will affect all services.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause....