Network Alert History

  • Start: 2015.06.30 8:00 pm EST End: 2015.06.30 10:25 pm EST

    Issue: Phone Registration and Call Completion
    Date: June 30, 2015
    Services Affected: All OnSIP SIP Services,
    Services Unaffected: My.OnSIP, Legacy PSTN Gateway (SIP and IAX)

    At the addition of the leap second last night at 8 pm EDT (00:00 UTC...

  • Start: 2015.05.17 10:58 pm EST End: 2015.05.18 06:43 am EST

    Date: May 18, 2015
    Time: 10:58 pm May 17 to 6:43 am May 18 Eastern
    Services Affected: Phone registration and calling for customers registered to NYC

    Between 10:58 pm on May 17, 2015 and 6:43 am Eastern on May 18, 2015, a subset of customers with phones...

  • Start: 2015.04.08 9:20 am EST End: 2015.04.08 10:00 am EST

    At 9:25 am EST, we became aware of an issue affecting users registered to a certain proxy in one of our data centers due to a hardware failure. We immediately began migrating users off that proxy. At 9:42 am EST, we reported that we finished the migration, though it would take time to propagate...

  • Start: 2015.03.30 10:00 pm EST End: 2015.03.31 9:30 am EST

    Issue: ACD Queues Automatic Failover
    Date/Time: 3/30/15 10:00pm EST until 3/31/15 9:00am EST.
    Services Affected: ACD Queues
    Unaffected Services: Inbound calling (not associated with affected services), outbound calling, extension to extension calling, Phone Registration,...

  • Start: 2015.02.27 3:42 pm EST End: 2015.02.27 4:11 pm EST

    3:42 pm EST We are receiving reports from customers that calls to their ACD Queues are going to voicemail. We are currently investigating and will post updates here.

    3:57 pm EST We have identified there is an issue affecting customers' ACD Queues. Calls...

  • Start: 2015.01.16 11:37 am EST End: 2015.01.16 12:51 pm EST

    At about 11:30 am EST, we received reports of call transfers failing. We isolated these to be attended transfers only (blind transfers unaffected) and resolved the issue by 12:51 pm EST.

    11:37 am EST: We are experiencing an issue with call transfer and are...

  • Start: 2015.01.14 10:05 EST End: 2015.01.14 11:40 EST

    At approximately 10:05 am EST, we found an issue in our New York data center that caused an outage in calling for customers registered to that data center. We migrated customers to our West Coast facility, and calls began completing for all customers by 11 am.

  • Start: 2014.12.17 3:40 pm EST End: 2014.12.17 5:15 pm EST

    Issue: Service Interruptions for Attendant Menus, Voicemail, ACD Queues
    Services Affected: Attendant Menus, Voicemail, ACD Queues
    Service Unaffected: Inbound calling (not associated with affected services), outbound calling, extension to extension calling, OnSIP Phone...

  • Start: 2014.08.29 8:30 am EST End: 2014.08.29 9:10 am EST

    Issue began at approximately 8:30 am

    We are experiencing network issues preventing inbound calling for customers. Outbound, internal dialing, and our chat services are unaffected. Please check back here for live updates.

    9:10 EST Inbound calling has...

  • Start: 2013.09.04 5:49 pm EST End: 2013.09.04 8:33 pm EST

    From approximately 5:49 pm to 8:33 pm EST on Wednesday, September 4, 2013, inbound calls to phone numbers (DIDs) in the following area codes were not completing for OnSIP Hosted customers:

  • Start: 2013.05.12 2:00 am EDT End: 2013.05.12 3:50 am EDT
    In order to implement a vital upgrade to the firmware of our switching infrastructure, a planned switch maintenance at our NYC data center occurred. The maintenance began at 2:00am EDT, with full service restored at around 3:50am EDT. During the maintenance window, some service may have seen...
  • Start: 2013.05.11 2:00 am EDT End: 2013.05.11 5:00 am EDT

    In an attempt to implement a vital upgrade to the firmware of our switching infrastructure, a planned switch maintenance will occur tonight starting at 2:00am EDT in our NYC data center. At some point over the following three hours the admin portal will not be available. Any unavailability...

  • Start: 2013.02.20 11:50 am Eastern End: 2013.02.20 1:06 pm Eastern

    11:50 am EST We are aware that some customers are experiencing choppy audio. We are currently investigating the issue, but we do not believe it is on the OnSIP network at this time. We will post updates here.

    12:15 pm EST Update: We have discovered the...

  • Start: 2012.11.08 11:15 am Eastern End: 2012.11.08 1:15 pm Eastern
    From approximately 11:15 a.m. until 1:15 p.m. eastern time, some inbound calls to auto-attendants and a small percentage of outbound calls were failing. This was tracked down to a faulty piece of equipment, which has been removed from call routing.
  • Start: 2012.11.02 7:45 pm EST End: 2012.11.03 2:00 am EST

    7:45 pm EST We are aware of the issue with an upstream carrier affecting some phone numbers. The carrier is no longer sending us calls. We are contacting the carrier and will post updates here. We apologize for this service interruption.

    8:07 pm EST The...

  • Start: 2012.07.23 8:10 PM ET End: 2012.07.23 8:45 PM ET
    An issue has been detected on a subset of phone numbers on one of our carriers. Inbound phone calls to those numbers are currently not completing.
  • Start: 2012.03.06 9:30 AM ET End: 2012.03.06 12:15 PM ET

    At approximately 9:30 AM, a few customers began reporting they were not receiving all of their inbound calls. After testing and further reports from customers, we diagnosed the problem to be that one of our upstream carriers has a few servers with slow response times. This caused service...

  • Start: 2012.02.08 6:16 PM ET End: 2012.02.08 8:10 PM ET

    On February 8, 2012 at approximately 6:16 PM ET, all OnSIP services except SIP to SIP calling became unavailable. Our Engineering staff was dispatched to our NYC datacenter and identified the problem to be a hardware failure. More specifically, a switch failed and caused critical services to...

  • Start: 2011.10.31 9:00 PM ET End: 2011.11.01 5:36 PM ET

    From 9 PM ET on 10/31/11 to 5:36 PM ET on 11/01/11, roughly one third of our inbound local numbers were not accessible due to an issue between 2 upstream carriers' systems. Outbound calling was unaffected.

  • Start: 2011.08.08 3:59 PM ET End: 2011.08.08 4:28 PM ET

    At 3:59 PM ET, we began experiencing an issue with some of our inbound phone numbers. We escalated the issue with the affected upstream carrier. Outbound service was unaffected. At 4:28 PM ET, we reported the issue had been addressed by the carrier and all services were restored.