Developer Services

Using our APIs, developers can leverage the OnSIP hosted SIP platform to build powerful real-time communications applications. More information on our platform here.

Browser Phone

Are you looking to add a SIP compliant phone in your browser application? We have two options:

Built on WebRTC

OnSIP's WebRTC phone is a plugin free implementation for Chrome and Firefox.

Built on Java

Osprey JS is a Java based softphone that works across all major browsers.

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Real-Time API

OnSIP's Real-Time API is an XMPP/PubSub based API that allows developers to receive push notifications for various events inside the OnSIP system. Events include information regarding current call state (details about your incoming and outgoing calls) and user agent state (who in your organization is currently on a call) for OnSIP SIP addresses.

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Web Services API

This is the "switchboard" of OnSIP's scalable, robust SIP platform. Use the Web Services API to provision OnSIP Services or automate account adminstration.

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Want to do something else?

Do you have a project in mind that cannot be implemented with the functionality available? Let us know. Would you like to partner with OnSIP to deliver a product or application built on our platform? Email