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JUN 2012

Posted by Nicole at 12:07 PM EDT

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MAY 2012

Posted by Nicole at 10:27 AM EDT

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Free Webinar: Secrets of a Top Selling OnSIP Agent

If you're a VoIP agent or reseller, don't miss this webinar:

Secrets of a Top Selling OnSIP Agent, tomorrow (Thursday) May 17, at 2 PM ET.

Introduced by OnSIP CEO Mike Oeth and featuring a Vice President of a successful, full-service telecom company serving the NYC-metro area, this webinar will be packed full of insight on selling and billing techniques. Attend to find out:

  • Consultative solutions provider versus push sales person— Which is more effective and when?
  • How to turn hosted phone system features into benefits that your clients need
  • How to field questions on commitments and reliability
  • Give your client more than one phone system option— A do or a don't?
  • ... Who is this Top Selling OnSIP Agent?
MAY 2012

Posted by Samantha Avignone at 05:06 PM EDT

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"Simple Setup, Smart Support"

This blog is by Eden Harvest (a well-liked, friendly, funny, and self-deprecating) member of the OnSIP Support Team.

OnSIP support member Eden

Hi again, my name is Eden, and I work with the OnSIP Support Team. As you have likely already noticed, the OnSIP Marketing Team recreated our website a few months ago, and I think it looks great. There is one slider on our homepage, however, that gave me pause. It says, "Simple Setup, Smart Support."

I've been called a lot of things, but 'smart' is not one of them. You're talking to the guy who once bought a box of rocks disguised as a camcorder from a guy on the corner at Astor Place, which was definitely not smart, even though I did haggle the price down to $60.00, a 50% discount!

APR 2012

Posted by Nicole at 03:29 PM EDT

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APR 2012

Posted by Sukanya at 05:10 PM EDT

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'Just Right' - How a Customer Decided on OnSIP

One of the things we sometimes struggle with here at OnSIP is convincing others that we’re different from the competition. We firmly believe that our unique pricing structure, our DIY web administrative portal, and our knowledgeable support staff make us unique, but we’re understandably a little biased. Okay, maybe a lot biased.

We’ve found over the years that nothing paints a picture quite like a customer success story. We’ve accumulated some great ones at onsip.com/success-stories over the years, but it’s always exciting when our customers share their experiences with us.

MAR 2012

Posted by Sukanya at 02:56 PM EDT

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Ensure your Network is OnSIP-ready

A question often asked is: ‘What infrastructure do I need to get started with OnSIP VoIP service?’ The world of the Internet, clouds, networks and communication is fraught with complicated terminology, so I’ll try to distill the basics down to an easily digestible version.

Evaluating Your Network

Bandwidth is the measure of the resources consumed during an Internet transmission. VoIP requires an Internet connection of a certain speed (bit/s) to carry voice as data. VoIP typically requires anywhere from 24kbps to 90 kbps (~100 kbps would be ideal). Video calling, conferencing and other forms of communication may require anywhere from 3 to 20 times as much bandwidth, depending on the desired quality and number of participants.

The quality of the phone call also depends on the quality of the network. The major factors include:

MAR 2012

Posted by Sukanya at 11:39 AM EDT

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Hate Listening to Voicemail? Try Voicemail Transcription With OnSIP + PhoneTag

While we have several options to listen to voicemail (call your voicemail from any phone, listen to your voicemail attachment in your email, listen to voicemail in my.OnSIP), OnSIP customers can also read their voicemail transcriptions via the PhoneTag Voicemail-to-Text (V2T) service.

We've written about this tip before, but we thought we'd publish a refresh for new customers. This is a great feature for anyone who's on the run, often in meetings, or just plain dislikes listening to voicemail.

With a simple set up process, customers can sign up for PhoneTag and receive their voicemails in text format in their inboxes, along with a .wav attachment (or as an SMS if they choose).

MAR 2012

Posted by Sukanya at 11:07 AM EDT

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Next Agent Webinar: Switching to OnSIP is Easy - Part II

Webinar topic: Next Agent Webinar: Switching to OnSIP is Easy - Part II
When: Thursday, Mar 15, at 2 PM EDT

CEO Mike Oeth and Channel Manager Andy Ogg will explain how easy to is to set up an account and get your customers started. Specific topics include network requirements, number porting, choosing the right package based on the customer's business and customizing a la carte features.

Don't forget to watch Switching to OnSIP is Easy - Part I here.

MAR 2012

Posted by Tim Cleves at 05:25 PM EST

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FEB 2012

Posted by Sukanya at 12:19 PM EST

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Announcing Call Park Feature on OnSIP

We're very excited to announce that we'll be offering call park to all of our customers starting today. Our call park app, which we call Parking Lot, is easy to use. Each call park channel is an empty spot where you "hold" a call, allowing you to move your conversation to any other phone in your OnSIP phone system. The process of parking is as simple as transferring: