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MAR 2012

Posted by Sukanya at 11:39 AM EDT

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Hate Listening to Voicemail? Try Voicemail Transcription With OnSIP + PhoneTag

While we have several options to listen to voicemail (call your voicemail from any phone, listen to your voicemail attachment in your email, listen to voicemail in my.OnSIP), OnSIP customers can also read their voicemail transcriptions via the PhoneTag Voicemail-to-Text (V2T) service.

We've written about this tip before, but we thought we'd publish a refresh for new customers. This is a great feature for anyone who's on the run, often in meetings, or just plain dislikes listening to voicemail.

With a simple set up process, customers can sign up for PhoneTag and receive their voicemails in text format in their inboxes, along with a .wav attachment (or as an SMS if they choose).

MAR 2012

Posted by Sukanya at 11:07 AM EDT

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Next Agent Webinar: Switching to OnSIP is Easy - Part II

Webinar topic: Next Agent Webinar: Switching to OnSIP is Easy - Part II
When: Thursday, Mar 15, at 2 PM EDT

CEO Mike Oeth and Channel Manager Andy Ogg will explain how easy to is to set up an account and get your customers started. Specific topics include network requirements, number porting, choosing the right package based on the customer's business and customizing a la carte features.

Don't forget to watch Switching to OnSIP is Easy - Part I here.

MAR 2012

Posted by Tim Cleves at 05:25 PM EST

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FEB 2012

Posted by Sukanya at 12:19 PM EST

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Announcing Call Park Feature on OnSIP

We're very excited to announce that we'll be offering call park to all of our customers starting today. Our call park app, which we call Parking Lot, is easy to use. Each call park channel is an empty spot where you "hold" a call, allowing you to move your conversation to any other phone in your OnSIP phone system. The process of parking is as simple as transferring:

FEB 2012

Posted by Sukanya at 04:07 PM EST

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What is Required of Me to Become a Reseller?

By Marketing Team Member Sukanya and Channel Manager, Andy

One of the most frequent questions that a reseller new to OnSIP asks is, "How can I get started? What do I need?" All you need to do is get in touch with Andy, our channel manager and he'll get you started. On a general note, we discuss how to get started as a VoIP reseller in general, and what you need to become an OnSIP reseller.

Traditionally, IT resellers had to make significant upfront investments in PBX equipment for their clients. Hosted VoIP largely eliminates the need for such physical equipment. Still, reselling VoIP services requires some basic preparedness, such as:

JAN 2012

Posted by Sukanya at 02:40 PM EST

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Next Agent Webinar: Switching to OnSIP is Easy - Part I

Our ninth webinar, Switching to OnSIP is Easy will be held on Thursday, Jan 19, at 2 PM EDT.

Are your customers paying exorbitant fees per phone line or tied down by unreasonable contracts? Do they have employees located in many different offices? Do your customers have to deal with bulky equipment? Join CEO, Mike Oeth, and Channel Manager, Andy, as they discuss how easy it is to switch to OnSIP from traditional POTS systems, on-premise PBX systems and competitors' hosted services.

Our resellers have customers ranging from 5 seats in one location to 200 seats spread throughout field offices. If you handle a wide variety of clients, our webinars can save you and your customers time and effort. Don't miss this chance to learn how to take advantage of this feature. Simply click on the button below to register.

DEC 2011

Posted by Sukanya at 03:17 PM EST

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Agent Feature: E2 Computers

Steven Suslick at E2 Computers spoke to us last week about why he chooses OnSIP for his customers. He recently signed on to become an OnSIP Agent and had published unbiased first impressions of OnSIP. He hopes to make a big impact in the 1st quarter of 2012. We wanted to learn more about his clients.

Q: What is E2 Computers’ business?

A: E2 Computers is a computer and tech sales and support company in the Tampa Bay area, where we have a retail office. E2 Computers implements IT (computers, phones) for small business and home office clients. Most of our clients have up to 10 users.

NOV 2011

Posted by Sukanya at 03:59 PM EDT

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Call forwarding to an external line: What happens when I don't pick up?

Special thanks to Eric Phipps and Dave Jodhan, NOC Technicians, for providing the information and diagrams in this blog.

One of our customers had an interesting question that concerns setting up group calls and call forwarding:

Can calls be forwarded to an external line like a cellphone if there are multiple devices registered to the same SIP address?

OnSIP has a unique feature that allows any number of user agents (phones, soft phones, etc.) to be registered to the same SIP address. For example, you can have one phone at your cubicle, one at your home office and also a soft phone to take calls on your laptop, all registered to your extension. When a call is made to that extension, all three devices ring, allowing you to take the call on any of them. In usual cases, if the call is not answered on any device, the call is forwarded to a voicemail box associated with that extension.

OCT 2011

Posted by Tim Cleves at 03:00 PM EDT

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funny, leisure

SIP and Sockeye

One of the great things about being SIP Maven for Junction Networks is that the company allows a certain amount of "flex time." As long as you're thinking about SIP (and coming up with clever blog posts) you can occasionally sneak away from work a little early and put in some creative time doing other things. Such as salmon fishing. I happen to live in some of the best salmon fishing waters in the world - British Columbia. It's also home to some of the more creative SIP companies; both Polycom and Aastra have development and research centers here. We're big fans of both Polycom and Aastra. (Have you seen our current Polycom boot server promotion?) I digress. I recently took some flex time and went out in a 19 foot fishing boat with my friends Matthias and David.

AUG 2011

Posted by Nicole at 03:03 PM EDT

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The top ten acronyms used in our knowledgebase as explained by a VoIP noob

This blog was written by Matt Barrett, a new member of our support team.

For those familiar with our website, you’ve seen some of our acronyms--and unless you are a true connoisseur of word-abbreviations, you’ve wondered what at least some of them mean. I, for one, heard the term POTS, thinking we must also have pans, and that SIP was a daintier form of “gulp.”

For the benefit of our customers, blog-followers, and myself, I have compiled a list of the ten most important acronyms that can be found in the Junction Networks knowledgebase.