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NOV 2011

Posted by Sukanya at 03:59 PM EDT

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Call forwarding to an external line: What happens when I don't pick up?

Special thanks to Eric Phipps and Dave Jodhan, NOC Technicians, for providing the information and diagrams in this blog.

One of our customers had an interesting question that concerns setting up group calls and call forwarding:

Can calls be forwarded to an external line like a cellphone if there are multiple devices registered to the same SIP address?

OnSIP has a unique feature that allows any number of user agents (phones, soft phones, etc.) to be registered to the same SIP address. For example, you can have one phone at your cubicle, one at your home office and also a soft phone to take calls on your laptop, all registered to your extension. When a call is made to that extension, all three devices ring, allowing you to take the call on any of them. In usual cases, if the call is not answered on any device, the call is forwarded to a voicemail box associated with that extension.

OCT 2011

Posted by Tim Cleves at 03:00 PM EDT

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funny, leisure

SIP and Sockeye

One of the great things about being SIP Maven for Junction Networks is that the company allows a certain amount of "flex time." As long as you're thinking about SIP (and coming up with clever blog posts) you can occasionally sneak away from work a little early and put in some creative time doing other things. Such as salmon fishing. I happen to live in some of the best salmon fishing waters in the world - British Columbia. It's also home to some of the more creative SIP companies; both Polycom and Aastra have development and research centers here. We're big fans of both Polycom and Aastra. (Have you seen our current Polycom boot server promotion?) I digress. I recently took some flex time and went out in a 19 foot fishing boat with my friends Matthias and David.

AUG 2011

Posted by Nicole at 03:03 PM EDT

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The top ten acronyms used in our knowledgebase as explained by a VoIP noob

This blog was written by Matt Barrett, a new member of our support team.

For those familiar with our website, you’ve seen some of our acronyms--and unless you are a true connoisseur of word-abbreviations, you’ve wondered what at least some of them mean. I, for one, heard the term POTS, thinking we must also have pans, and that SIP was a daintier form of “gulp.”

For the benefit of our customers, blog-followers, and myself, I have compiled a list of the ten most important acronyms that can be found in the Junction Networks knowledgebase.

AUG 2011

Posted by Nicole at 04:12 PM EDT

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4 Steps to Hurricane Irene VoIP Preparedness

This post is by Clorece Kulp, a member of the support team at Junction Networks

While many of us on the East Coast brace for Hurricane Irene, Junction Networks would like to put your mind at ease regarding your phone service. In the event of a power outage there is no need to panic; your phone system is in the Cloud, which means it will still work unlike your former POTS system.

Junction Networks has several redundancies, including secured data centers in both Manhattan, NY and Los Angeles, CA, equipped to handle emergencies. Since all is in the Cloud you will still have access to your calls and never miss a business beat.

AUG 2011

Posted by Nicole at 11:50 AM EDT

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Diary of a Webinar Host: What's a Yugma?

This blog is by Eden Harvest, member of the Support Team here at Junction Networks

The OnSIP basics webinar is a great way for new customers, and those thinking about jumping into the VoIP pool, to get a live view of just how easy it is to get OnSIP working best for your company. I know you must be thinking, "Gee, that sounds interesting, but I sure would like to know more about how this all came about." When Mike Oeth, our CEO, approached me about hosting a biweekly webinar I was flattered, excited, and also a bit scared. Finally, I thought, all those years of voice and diction classes will be put to use.

AUG 2011

Posted by mike.steiner@junctionnetworks.com at 01:00 AM EDT

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Taking the mystery out of porting a phone number

This blog is by Corrie Adochio and Mike Steiner. Our porting pricing has been updated to $15 per number. Please see this page for details.

So you're ready to port your phone number into OnSIP, but don't know where to begin? It's actually really easy to do and just requires a few steps. In this blog, we'll explain the process and provide you with some tips to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

AUG 2011

Posted by Nicole at 11:58 AM EDT

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Cisco RV 120w Router in Review

This blog is by Eric Phipps and Dave Jodhan, NOC Technicians at Junction Networks. The Cisco RV series of routers is an attempt to bring a full featured SOHO Gateway to an affordable level, weaning the Small Office and Home Office users off of devices that are not designed for the business user. Working in Support, one of the painful realities is that customers may make the mistake of purchasing routers designed for home use to run business networks. Running business-class VoIP through devices designed for home use can compound already existing problems. All of a sudden, hundreds of UDP packets need proper routing causing RAM and CPU of these devices to be flooded. This overload can affect services that are crucial to the needs of the business.

JUL 2011

Posted by rob@junctionnetworks.com at 09:47 AM EDT

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Polycom end-user trade-in rebate program

Last week, we introduced our OnSIP Polycom promotion, which awards $300 OnSIP credit to anyone that buys 5 or more Polycom phones with OnSIP provisioning from Telephony Depot.

This week, we want to make you aware of yet another way to save money when purchasing new phones, the Polycom end-user trade-in rebate program. Between the two programs, you can save over 70% on 5 great IP 335 model phones when you get started with OnSIP!

Here's how it works:

JUL 2011

Posted by Larry at 10:09 AM EDT

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Updates to the admin portal: Voice Mailboxes, SIP Aliases

We recently pushed out a few updates to the admin portal.

First, you can now see what voice mailboxes are assigned to your users in the User list view. This eliminates having to click on each individual user to see what his or her voice mailbox number is.

You can now also see that users and voice mailboxes are now linked in your Resources tab. This will make things easier for customers with multiple VM boxes.

Our biggest upgrade this round is the addition of SIP address aliases.

What does this mean for you, the user?

JUL 2011

Posted by OnSIP Employee at 03:14 PM EDT

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Measure your packet loss and jitter on our VoIP test page

Experiencing call quality issues or unsure if your office Internet is ready to handle a business VoIP solution? Our site now features a 'VoIP test' which will measure the quality and performance of your Internet connection as it handles simulated VoIP traffic between your network and our servers. The test measures packet loss, the % of packets traveling across a network that fail to reach their destination, and jitter, the variation in packet transit delays. Also shown in the test is the MOS or Mean Opinion Score, a subjective measure of call quality. 1 is considered unacceptable and 5 is considered excellent. VoIP calls are generally in the 3.5 - 4.2 range.