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MAY 2015

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 02:05 PM EDT

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Need a Multi-Line Softphone Recommendation? Try InstaPhone

A multi-line deskphone is a staple in today’s business world— in fact, the high-end business phones on the market offer 4+ lines right on the interface. On a typical desk phone, multi-line functionality allows an office worker to manage multiple calls, but it also can enable a receptionist to receive calls that were made to more than one phone number or destination. We’re excited to have upgraded InstaPhone this week to provide multi-line capability.

MAY 2015

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 11:59 AM EDT

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Managing A Remote Support Team

The flexibility of hosted PBX platforms has enabled employees across the world to work on the go or from the privacy of their homes in unprecedented ways. According to Global Workplace Analytics, over 4 million people work away from the office on a daily basis. When the metric is changed to people who work from home in any capacity, the number balloons to 1/5 of the workforce (30 million people), a figure that has increased almost 80% since 2005.

The absence of in-person interactions make it harder for offsite employees to stay connected to the ecosystem of the office, but with a few basic maintenance steps, remote workers can overcome these barriers and remain integral and informed members of their teams.

APR 2015

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 02:25 PM EDT

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OnSIP Smart Queue Brings Real-Time Dashboard Overview And New Reports To ACD Queue

The new Smart Queue Dashboard with InstaPhone integration

We're happy to announce our latest hosted PBX feature - Smart Queues, or ACD Queues that allow our customers to gather pertinent insights into their sales and support operations with a real-time dashboard and queue reporting.

Starting today, we now offer two types of ACD Queues: Simple Queues and Smart Queues. Read below to learn more about these queue offerings and the latest enhancements.

FEB 2015

Posted by Joseph De Bari at 02:11 PM EST

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OnSIP Reseller Program: Take Advantage of our Extensive Resources!

The OnSIP VoIP Reseller program is for sales consultants and IT specialists interested in offering a reliable, cloud-based business hosted PBX service in their portfolios. Our reseller program has seen marked growth over the years, and we currently have a multitude of talented agents scattered throughout the United States. The OnSIP team is committed to assisting our agents in any way we can, and to that end, we provide a variety of assets that are at our agents’ disposal. Here's a brief overview of the VoIP Reseller resources that we offer.

JAN 2015

Posted by Joseph De Bari at 02:31 PM EST

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OnSIP Tip: Using Call Groups and Business Hour Rules to Unify Offices in Different Time Zones

Business Hosted PBX platforms allow companies much flexibility in setting up their phone systems. Chuck Dunne, OnSIP Senior Account Manager, made OnSIP Hosted PBX work to a customer’s advantage in addressing a rather intricate situation. This customer had 2 offices in different time zones, and wanted to have everyone’s phones ring upon an incoming call, but only when each office was open. Chuck was able to assist the customer in setting up their Hosted PBX to accomplish this by using call groups and business hour rules.

Read on to find out how they did it!

DEC 2014

Posted by Joseph De Bari at 11:28 AM EST

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Software Team Tips to Keep the Momentum Going Through the Holiday Season

The Holidays are upon us, and it’s a great time of year to take that well-deserved vacation. This upcoming season is predicted to be the busiest holiday travel season on record, according to a recent USA Today article. With many Americans away from their jobs for extended weekends or long vacations, it can be a challenge for software teams to keep the momentum going in the office during this period!

We wanted to pass along some advice from two product leaders at our company on keeping their teams’ productivity high during the Holiday season. At OnSIP, we utilize the Agile Software Development method, which focuses on small groups closely working together. I asked vice president of marketing and product management Nicole Hayward and lead developer Will Mitchell about maintaining momentum in our agile work environment over the holidays.

DEC 2014

Posted by Joseph De Bari at 10:07 AM EST

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OnSIP Tip: Setting your Music on Hold to Play Holiday Music

Have your callers get into the Holiday spirit this December! Did you know that you can set your Music on Hold Streams to play Holiday Music? With an OnSIP Hosted PBX account, you can customize the Hold music that your callers hear from a wide variety of stations and music genres, including Holiday music. Follow the steps below to have your callers hum along to “Jingle Bell Rock”!

Only certain phone models support Music on Hold- please check our Knowledgebase page to view the supporting phones.

AUG 2014

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 03:31 PM EDT

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VoIP and Teleworking: 6 Productivity Tips for Working at Home

OnSIP Director of Sales Tim Cleves spent the year working from home in Paris using OnSIP Business VoIP.

Nobody knows the ins and outs of working remotely quite like OnSIP Director of Sales Tim Cleves. Tim, who was recently quoted in Investor's Business Daily, has worked from home for over a decade. For the past year, he's been working remotely from Paris by using my.OnSIP, our integrated web app that allows users to establish voice and chat presence amongst their coworkers.

But his experience in France has not always been crepes and airy cafés! Tim has his own rules for remaining productive and effective while working remotely overseas.

JUN 2014

Posted by Nicole at 06:06 PM EDT

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Thoughts on WebRTC Conference & Expo and "Where Are All The Web Developers?"

Nicole Hayward, VP of Marketing & Product Management at OnSIP

I recently read a good blog by Billy Chia of Asterisk on NoJitter entitled Developers, Not Dial Tone, and it got me thinking. Billy points out a theme that I also experienced at the recent WebRTC Conference & Expo IV: Many conversations involved how carriers are reacting to WebRTC, getting WebRTC calls to and from the traditional telecom systems, and so on. Terms like "SBC" were spoken, and I think this irritated a handful of WebRTC pioneers.

SEP 2013

Posted by Nicole at 11:25 AM EDT

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OnSIP Call Assistant for Google Chrome— Now Helps Customer Support Teams with Zendesk

OnSIP is happy to announce the launch of the OnSIP Call Assistant for Google ChromeTM with Zendesk integration. Previously known as the OnSIP Click-To-Call Extension, this new version is such a handy time saver for support staff who use Zendesk, we've decided to give the extension a new name!

Zendesk builds cloud software for better customer service and is used by 30,000 companies worldwide. As any customer support agent knows, the process of creating a help ticket and gathering the initial information from a caller does not take an insignificant amount of time. By automating the ticket generation process, the OnSIP Call Assistant allows customer support staff to focus their time and energy on actual troubleshooting. OnSIP Call Assistant will automatically create Zendesk tickets for inbound support calls, time-stamp the call, and add identifying information to the ticket— including phone number dialed, callback number, and caller ID name.