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AUG 2015

Posted by Nicole at 12:18 PM EDT

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How Do You Video Chat on Slack? Review of appear.in and Google Hangouts

Slack is a popular team communications app that we’ve just adopted here at OnSIP. And we’re certainly not alone. In April 2015, TechCrunch reported Slack is used daily by 750K workers and boasts customers like Adobe, New York Times, Blue Bottle Coffee, BuzzFeed, Live Nation, Expedia, HBO, PayPal and the State Department. But of course, as a business VoIP provider, we immediately wanted to figure out:

How do you video chat on Slack? While we love text-based chat, sometimes you want to voice and video chat. It's more personable, and it can cut down on time.

AUG 2015

Posted by Joseph De Bari at 02:37 PM EDT

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10 Sample Call Center Greeting Scripts

Have you ever called a company’s support line just to be confronted with an unsympathetic and confusing attendant menu?

Or tried to reach a representative, but pressing the “0” key does nothing?

To ensure that you keep customers happy and present a professional image to your clientele, make your auto-attendant helpful, easy to navigate, and informative. We’ve compiled some sample scripts that can be used in different situations whether your company has a small customer support team or a massive call center with hundreds of people.

businessperson on the phone
AUG 2015

Posted by Nicole at 01:27 PM EDT

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Update on SPIT Calls to Polycom Phones

Yesterday, we published a blog on SPIT calling to Polycom phones. This was an issue our customers experienced over the weekend and throughout Monday. It has been affecting Polycom users on the Internet at large. Today, we implemented a configuration change to our customers' Polycom phones to cut down on the SPIT calls, and we wanted to expand on that here. If you are still experiencing SPIT calls now, please reboot your phone or contact our Customer Success Team for help.

AUG 2015

Posted by Nicole at 06:01 PM EDT

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SPIT Calling to Polycom Phones

Over the weekend and continuing through today, Monday, August 3rd, we have had a handful of customers notifying us of calls to individual Polycom phones on their network originating from Extension 1101. These calls are being placed by phantom dialers on the Internet. They are sending out INVITE packets to IP addresses, hoping to find an exposed PBX or phone they can exploit. This is defined as Spam over Internet Telephony (SPIT).

JUL 2015

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 03:23 PM EDT

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Small Business VoIP Services - 5 Tips You Should Know

Switching over to VoIP services can be a daunting task for small businesses that do not have the time or resources that larger organizations have. There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a new VoIP service – whether your business is looking to upgrade from an analog system or to replace your current provider.

JUL 2015

Posted by Nicole at 10:46 AM EDT

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6 Blogging Tips Business Owners and Managers Can Use

blogging tips business journal

Blogging. Businesses that aren’t doing it have been in the minority since 2011. It’s become the homecoming game of business. Everybody is going. Everyone is cheering. Some people may be fumbling the proverbial ball, but at least they are trying. Now you feel you must join, and it feels like The Longest Yard.

You’ve read up on the benefits of blogging for your business— awareness, brand recognition, thought leadership, and SEO. Content creation is now rated in the top 5 marketing activities with the highest year over year demand of all activities, according to the popular Moz.com industry survey.

JUN 2015

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 09:45 AM EDT

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SMB VoIP System Options: Is Hosted or On-Premise Right for You?

IT Person Considering Phone System for SMB

If you're considering a new business VoIP solution, one of the first questions you may ask is: should I consider a hosted/cloud or on-premise phone system? Most hosted solutions require zero on-site hardware, except phones; on-premise solutions need on-site equipment to operate. (That's the key difference, as you probably know.)

We're going to help you decide with this blog, drawn upon our experience providing service for both hosted and on-premise solutions to tens of thousands of SMBs. Plus, we've asked a few IT Managers to weigh in on hosted vs. on-premise for their businesses. Either way, if you're making a switch to VoIP, you're making a good decision. Businesses that transition to VoIP reduce their costs by up to 40%, and save up to 90% on international calls. Nitty gritty comparisons of individual services can only be undertaken with your specific business needs in mind, but we'll address the big picture factors below.

JUN 2015

Posted by Joseph De Bari at 02:43 PM EDT

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Searching for a Law Office Phone System? Consider the Benefits of Hosted VoIP

lawyer reading documents at desk

Dealing with the corporate phone system can be stressful, especially in an active law office. When a problem arises, client calls may be missed, resulting in lost revenue and angry colleagues. You may be reliant upon an outside technician to fix the issues and have no choice but to wait. Instead of succumbing to this scenario, you can empower yourself and your office by using a hosted VoIP service.

Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions put you in control and allow you to make instantaneous changes to your phone system as needed. These platforms are easy to manage, and as AttorneyAtWork.com put it, offer a degree of customization you may not have expected from your phone provider. Let’s take a look at what a hosted VoIP solution is and how it can be successfully deployed in your law office.

JUN 2015

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 03:05 PM EDT

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5 Steps to a Lower Business Phone Bill for Business Owners

Phone bills are often an overlooked aspect of a company's overall operating cost. It's not uncommon for business owners to be out of touch with the unnecessary maintenance fees, hidden charges, and built-in cost inefficiency that drive phone bills to excessive highs.

This is especially true for SMBs moving beyond the 5-10 employee mark. Fortune.com suggests, "Fast-growing firms need to upgrade their infrastructure at three critical points or their teams will get lost in inefficiency: At 10 employees, you need a better phone system... Procrastinating on this will kill your growth. Trust me: Your most aggressive rivals made these changes—last year..."

At OnSIP, we often get inquiries from business owners who admit they hadn't even looked at their phone bills in over a year, only now coming to the realization that they're losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month on solutions that fall under the 'if it's not broke, don't fix it' threshold. But with modest research, they can find new phone system solutions at substantially lower total cost of ownership with more functionality than they have today.

JUN 2015

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 05:39 PM EDT

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Chairing a Conference Call Like a Boss: 3 Tips for You and Your Team

team conference call

Whether you're looking for tips to improve your calls with clients, host more productive meetings with your team, or train your team on conference call best practices, you've come to the right place. As a phone system provider, we live and breathe business communications. We understand conference calls can, unfortunately, be the least effective minutes of an employee's day.

To qualify that, writer Derek Thompson cites Intercall, the largest International conference call company, reporting, "More than 60 percent of Intercall's respondents admitted to doing other work or sending an email while on a conference call. More than half the people on the line are eating (hopefully on mute). Just under half are in the bathroom (hopefully on mute!). One in five are shopping. One in 11 are exercising. Six percent are taking another call." [Source: The Atlantic]

Those are some eye opening statistics. So what can you and your team members do to improve conference call efficiency and chair a conference call like a boss? We've collected some expert opinions.