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AUG 2015

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 09:47 AM EDT

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WebRTC Case Study: LiveNinja Uses OnSIP Platform to Connect Customers With Businesses Via Video Kiosk

LiveNinja An OnSIP Customer

LiveNinja is rebuilding the e-commerce experience using the latest breakthroughs in video technology to connect customers with businesses. The company created a live chat tool that Forbes described as, "one step closer to omnichannel nirvana" for e-commerce merchants. And just recently, LiveNinja announced the LiveNinja Kiosk, a compact kiosk solution that saves resources for businesses by having one dedicated salesperson assist customers in multiple retail locations, departments, and stores.

To deliver these humanizing customer experience tools, LiveNinja leverages OnSIP for Developers and SIP.js, an open source WebRTC and SIP JavaScript library maintained by us. We sat down with Director of Marketing Carolina Leon to get the insider scoop on LiveNinja's products, their path to OnSIP, and what's next.

AUG 2015

Posted by Joseph De Bari at 04:26 PM EDT

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Planning for Cloud Partners 2015 Made Easy Thanks to Mojo Marketing [Free Webinar]

Industry trade shows can offer invaluable benefits to companies that participate. They provide unique opportunities to meet face-to-face with potential leads and to create a lasting, positive impression of your company or product.

On the flip side, planning for them can also be stressful! You must ensure that your company has a professional and engaging presence, and that attending coworkers are prepped and have their travel plans booked (easier said then done, right?).

Not sure what you should be doing pre-show, at the show, and post show? Our friends at Mojo Marketing are here to help make planning for a trade show a bit easier.

AUG 2015

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 02:12 PM EDT

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Latest Phone Review: VTech ErisStation® Added Range and Depth to Our Company Meetings with Wireless Mics

We've been using the VTech ErisStation conference phone for our company meetings this past month, and it made a great impression on us, so now we've written up our full assessment on what the ErisStation has to offer small and medium sized businesses like us.

The main draws are the four wireless microphones that come built-in to the phone itself. They have impressive range, and they definitely helped pick up the voices of our employees who were positioned relatively far away from the phone's speaker. This led to less hassles and made our meetings more productive. Here are some other key features:

  • Orbitlink Wireless Technology
  • DECT6.0 standard
  • 2-line backlit display featuring date and time
  • 50 CID log entry
  • 10 speed dial entries

Check out the review! Also visit VTech's official site for queries about ordering.

AUG 2015

Posted by Nicole at 01:20 PM EDT

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OnSIP Exhibits at Cloud Partners Conference 2015 Boston - Time for Scale, Impact, and Action

Last year, I traveled to New Orleans for some seafood gumbo and jazz music in the summer heat. This year in the early fall breeze, I’ll seek hot beverages as I stroll down Newbury Street in "The Walking City." But one thing remains the same: I’ll join a bustling floor of familiar faces at the annual Cloud Partners Conference Event.

OnSIP will exhibit at this coming Cloud Partners in Boston, MA, September 16-18 at the Hynes Convention Center. The theme this year is “scale, impact, action,” all concepts we apply to our business daily.

AUG 2015

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 03:40 PM EDT

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Integrated Telephone System - The Latest Features of 2015

VoIP solutions

With every passing year, it becomes more obvious that VoIP is the future of business phone communications. In particular, the global hosted VoIP and unified communications services (UCS) is growing steadily, expected to reach 62.6 million seats in service by 2018, according to Infonetics. Along with market growth comes rapid innovation.

Today, business owners and IT management can leverage their hosted phone systems as an integration point with other platforms to improve efficiency, productivity, and business intelligence in the workplace. This can be done with an on-premise phone system, of course, but the effort to integrate platforms in-house is much larger than selecting an integrated hosted phone system solution.

AUG 2015

Posted by Nicole at 06:01 PM EDT

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SPIT Calling to Polycom Phones

Over the weekend and continuing through today, Monday, August 3rd, we have had a handful of customers notifying us of calls to individual Polycom phones on their network originating from Extension 1101. These calls are being placed by phantom dialers on the Internet. They are sending out INVITE packets to IP addresses, hoping to find an exposed PBX or phone they can exploit. This is defined as Spam over Internet Telephony (SPIT).

JUL 2015

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 12:32 PM EDT

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What is a PBX Phone System?

If you've just begun researching phone solutions for your business, you may have come across the acronymPBX, which stands for Private Branch Exchange. Wondering what it means? We're here to help.

PBX is simply a term meaning business-grade phone system. Business phone systems offer key voice features that companies need to run daily operations. Such features include: extension dialing, business hour settings to route calls off hours, customer waiting queues, music on hold, and call conferencing. Residential telephone lines and cell phone services do not offer these features, which, in short, connect people at work.

JUL 2015

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 12:37 PM EDT

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New Feature: Email Reports Now Available for Smart Queues

Smart Queue Email Reports

We recently expanded our ACD queues to include a real-time queue dashboard and queue reporting, as well as remote agent login/logout, and now we're adding email reports into the mix.

This new feature gives customers the ability to have periodic queue activity summaries sent directly to inboxes of your choosing—. Scheduling these reports for specified recipients is a convenient way to keep track of queue performance data- not to mention saving you time in the process.

JUL 2015

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 02:58 PM EDT

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Top Notch Business VoIP Support, By The Numbers

OnSIP CEO Mike Oeth continues to answer at least one support call per day to stay in touch with what our customers think

Our Customer Success Team's performance metrics continued to impress last month according to Zendesk:

  • Average first reply time dropped from 2.1 hours to 1 hour
  • Customer satisfaction rate increased from 98.6% to 98.8%
  • One-touch resolution jumped from 32.7% to 33.5%

Customer satisfaction is important. Poor customer service costs American companies about $41 billion per year in lost revenue. On the other hand, 69% of Americans would recommend a company to a friend after a positive customer experience.

JUL 2015

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 02:27 PM EDT

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New Feature: Stream External Music Files With Music On Hold While Your Customers Wait For Service

According to a study by CNN, 70 percent of callers who are on hold in silence hang up within 60 seconds. Of them, 35 percent won't call back.

Silence, it seems, is deadly when it comes to sales and support calls.

That's why we're happy to announce that you can now use MP3s and other external files to power your Music On Hold streams. We want to give you a variety of options to keep your callers entertained as they patiently wait for service.

creating new music on hold streams