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JUN 2011

Posted by Nicole at 12:50 PM EDT

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Telecom Company Banned from Oregon State for Slamming. Wait, What is Slamming?

Last week, it was reported by the Oregon Department of Justice that United Telecom, Inc. can no longer do business in Oregon after allegations of “slamming.” The press release was briefly passed around by people of Junction Networks who handle the Local Number Porting (LNP) process to underscore just how important the paperwork involved in porting numbers is. Somewhat new to the telecommunications industry, I have been curious about this term, slamming. The term is peculiar, nondescript in this particular meaning, has several negative connotations, and yet-it's actually made its way into government documentation! I decided to look into it further...

JUN 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 06:16 PM EDT

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Google +1: Small businesses to get the most out of new recommendation system

This week, Google publicly rolled out its +1 button. I would say that the reception so far is divided. One camp thinks +1 will be revolutionary, and the other can’t see how this will be any different from the dozens of other widgets constantly bombarding them on the Internet. Like this! Tweet this! It can be a bit much. Now I am by no means an expert or a tech prophet, but I would like to think that Google is onto something really special here. So naturally, I have to write something about it when I see this video ranking #2 in Youtube for “Google +1”.

JUN 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 07:50 PM EDT

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Finding a suitable replacement for Skype, inspired by the Hangover 2

This memorial weekend, I went to see the Hangover 2. We sat in a theatre filled to the brim with deafening forced laughter. A plot that’s familiar is fine; a plot that blatantly panders to the audience without offering anything new or refreshing is kind of insulting.

Anyway, somewhere between all the carbon-copy scenes, we get to the part when Alan, Zach Galifianakis’s character, bids farewell to his new monkey friend.

"I wish monkeys could Skype, maybe one day?”

Thank goodness Alan said that because it distracted me from thinking about the current state of Hollywood.

MAY 2011

Posted by Nicole at 04:25 PM EDT

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MAY 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 02:19 PM EDT

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What will Skyposoft mean for you? Thoughts on Microsoft's acquisition of Skype from two raving SIP fans

Leo: Alright, TechCrunch and pretty much every tech rag on the web tells me this is a big deal so I guess we have to talk about it. Just kidding. Microsoft buying out Skype is huge, not only for Microsoft and Skype, but also for the rest of the Voice over IP community. Any preliminary thoughts before we get into it, Nicole?

Nicole: Oh geez, are we really doing this chat format?

Leo: Ha.

The Deal

Leo: Microsoft paid $8.5 billion dollars for Skype, over 3 times the $2.75 billion eBay sold it for a year and a half ago. Of course eBay kept 30 % ownership so there are differences, but still, that’s quite a lump of CASH.

MAY 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 11:57 AM EDT

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MAY 2011

Posted by at 10:52 AM EDT

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State of SIP development – an intensive three-year study.

Three years running now, I’ve taken family trips to Grand Cayman. As you can imagine, it’s hard for me to “shut off” work while on vacation, especially since we’re selling the tools to help people work anywhere, anytime!

As I sipped mojitos last week (while watching my three children chase iguanas), I couldn’t help but smile as my in-laws passed my iPhone around to one another making calls to US phone numbers for 2.9 cents per minute using none of my outrageously priced international cell phone minutes. Instead, they were using my OnSIP account, the hotel WiFi and a superb software client on the iPhone, Bria.

APR 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 03:14 PM EDT

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In light of the recent Amazon EC2 outage: let's talk clouds

The Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2 provides a scalable application deployment service by allowing users to create virtual machines (VMs) or ‘instances’ containing the software they want to distribute. Server instances can be launched or terminated as needed (customers pay by the hour), and users are given geographical control of their VMs to minimize latency and improve redundancy.

Now redundant servers and the system’s internal checks and balances are usually enough to minimize instances of noticeable downtime for customers hosting on EC2, but that was not the case yesterday. Big names like Reddit, Hootsuite, Quora, Foursquare, and many more startups / websites were all affected in one way or another by a massive Amazon cloud outage. Reddit is still in ‘emergency mode’ as I write this.

APR 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 02:16 PM EDT

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President Obama Missing Out On Cool Phones

This past week President Obama made some candid remarks about the not-so-modern tech in the Oval Office at a fundraiser in Chicago.

“The Oval Office, I always thought I was going to have really cool phones and stuff. I'm like, c'mon guys, I'm the president of the United States. Where's the fancy buttons and stuff and the big screen comes up? It doesn't happen."

According to this article, Obama was responding to a question pertaining to bottlenecks in technological innovation, and was using his Oval Office phone as an off-the-cuff example. In President Obama’s example, the ‘bottleneck’ is likely security; that is, security requirements hinder the advancement of communications equipment in his office.

APR 2011

Posted by Nicole at 02:22 PM EDT

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VoIP Services Almost a $50 Billion Industry. But, Who Knows About SIP?

The State of VoIP Services

In the past few months, we’ve blogged a good bit about the SIP adoption - from our increase in customers and registered SIP phones to our shortly-lived discovery of Google Voice SIP addresses. Recently, a company called Infonetics Research published findings that the VoIP services industry has grown to a $50 billion industry. Here are some highlights from the press release: