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MAY 2010

Posted by Nicole at 03:49 PM EDT

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Trust Your Employees and Make Flex Schedules Work

This blog is by Rob, President of Junction Networks Sometimes, as a manager/owner of a business, it's not so obvious that what works for me may not be understood by others. In my case, being flexible and sensitive to work/life balance is just a part of who I am. However, I've come across many managers, bosses, owners, etc. who take a "it's my way or the highway' management approach as Cali Yost points out in a Fast Company blog. Here is a typical case scenario Yost describes:

MAY 2010

Posted by Nicole at 02:04 PM EDT

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Under the Hood: The Devil is in the Details

This blog is by Rob, President of Junction Networks. Here is the first of his new blog series, Take a Look Under The Hood

Why Under the Hood?

For years now, we have worked hard to help people understand how services in our space are not all alike. Let me tell you, it’s hard!

We have many customers that switch to us after a failed attempt at hosted voip from another provider. When I say “failed” I don’t necessarily mean unreliable, poor service, etc. (although there are some of those too). I am referring to the not so obvious things which, when a sales person is trying hard to get your signature on a contract, get overlooked.

By taking a look under the hood, in this series, I hope you will go armed to ask the right questions when comparing OnSIP to other potential solutions.

APR 2010

Posted by Nicole at 03:22 PM EDT

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Recycle Enterprise Telecom Equipment - And Happy Earth Day

Three things you may or may not know: 1) The History of Earth Day 2) Where you can recycle PBX equipment and 3) Nicole was once an ISO-14001 Compliance Specialist in Manufacturing If you didn't remember when you woke up this morning, perhaps Google reminded you: Today is Earth Day. Do you know the history of Earth Day? Earth Day began on April 22, 1970 when "Gaylord Nelson, then a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, proposed the first nationwide environmental protest 'to shake up the political establishment and force this issue onto the national agenda," he recalls. [Source: Earth Day Network]. At that time, you could say that air pollution was an indication of wealth and success.

APR 2010

Posted by Nicole at 10:59 AM EDT

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Comcast Versus FCC Court Ruling: The Future of Net Neutrality and VoIP Industry

This blog is by Brian, Software Engineer at Junction Networks Recently, the Federal Appeals court ruled that the FCC doesn’t have the authority to regulate an internet provider’s decisions regarding network traffic. This case came about after the FCC, in attempt to uphold net neutrality, restricted Comcast from blocking bit-torrent traffic in 2008. (Click here for a PDF of the full ruling, which we found on VoIP Tech Chat.) This blog is my commentary on net neutrality, this ruling, and how it may affect the VoIP Services Industry. Please feel free to comment. AT&T CEO Ed Whitacre has said, in reference to large portals such as Google and Yahoo!,

APR 2010

Posted by Leo Zheng at 05:50 PM EDT

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Create Your Own Google Story

From TechCrunch:

Remember Google’s Hell-froze-over, critically acclaimed Super Bowl ad Parisian Love? The one that managed to use a series of basic search queries to tell a touching love story? Now you’ve got a chance to tell a story of your own.

APR 2010

Posted by Nicole at 10:44 AM EDT

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Good Idea for Small Businesses: Ask Your Social Network for Feedback

Recently, a coworker pointed out an article on a software tool called Blog Muse. From the article, Blog Muse sounds like a widget or plugin that allows readers to suggest to you what they'd like to read about. The blog owner can then write based on the feedback, increasing the likelihood that the content will be read. I liked the idea of Blog Muse. At the same time, reader's feedback can also be accomplished in the comments and on Twitter. To test, I tweeted, "OnSIP is firing up our blog.

MAR 2010

Posted by at 01:38 PM EDT

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Employment Contracts: Good for Nothing

This blog is by Rob, President and Co-Founder of Junction Networks. Warning: You may experience laughter and, in the event that you are a lawyer, some annoyance. We assure you, however, that we appreciate our attorneys and may just have to send them a fruit basket because of this blog. I get teased quite a bit about my admiration for 37signals. I regularly remind my team of what 37signals is doing or how “they” are approaching an issue or opportunity. Recently, I came across a 37signals blog, Employment Contracts: What Are They Good For?

MAR 2010

Posted by John Riordan at 11:12 AM EDT

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voip, SBC, Nectar

Nectar Announcement at VoiceCon and Session Border Controllers

Last week, Nectar announced the release of their Virtual Session Border Controller service (vSBC).” Nectar is notable for one of their clients’ phone service success, 1-800-FLOWERS. Based on their "Phone Options", it appears Nectar offers a hosted Avaya IP PBX service on a per seat basis. (Avaya is a Lucent spinoff and is a well known company who sells all sorts of telephone related technology, including IP PBXs.) When we came upon this announcement in VoiceCon news, we decided to write a blog on Session Border Controllers. As some background, Session Border Controller (SBC) is something you might need to connect SIP Trunks to your IP PBX, depending on your IP PBX. Many IP PBXs have the functionality built in (Asterisk, for example).

MAR 2010

Posted by Nicole at 01:28 PM EDT

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MAR 2010

Posted by Nicole at 04:38 PM EDT

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