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OCT 2014

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 09:30 AM EDT

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InstaPhone in Salesforce Brings Instant Video Calls and Advanced CRM To World's Leading Customer Service Platform

Now a Salesforce AppExchange Program Partner, OnSIP is happy to announce a new application: InstaPhone for Salesforce is a time-saving, video-capable web phone that runs right in Salesforce— no downloads required!

InstaPhone, of course, is our browser-based web phone that leverages WebRTC to bring the full functionality of a desk phone and video calling right into an Internet browser. And now we've integrated its powers with's leading global CRM platform.

"InstaPhone in Salesforce gives users unprecedented abilities in CRM management," said OnSIP Director of Sales Tim Cleves. "The prospect of an instant video call, anchored by automatic CRM lookup, allows users to connect with customers in a more personal way. It's a great tool to build one-on-one relationships and enable trust between a business and its customers."

OCT 2014

Posted by Mike Oeth at 12:48 PM EDT

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OnSIP Sidesteps VoIP Fraud Trends Highlighted In NYTimes

In response to this recent New York Times article on VoIP fraud

Sadly enough, there will always be people looking to exploit security lapses in technology for their own personal gain. Stories about millions of credit card numbers being stolen from large retail organizations and big banks are recent examples. And VoIP is no different. There are always people looking to exploit lapses in security in the VoIP space. Luckily, with a hosted PBX solution such as OnSIP, one can mitigate many of the security challenges that plague other industries.

OCT 2014

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 12:46 PM EDT

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OnSIP Tip: Use SIP Aliases to Screen Incoming Calls

Versatile business VoIP platforms allow users to take calls with flexibility and convenience. OnSIP's SIP alias feature, which allows for sub-users to be created for a single user, gives employees a way to set up separate lines on their phone for the various ways in which they might be reached— e.g. extension dialed (internal call), dialed from the sales queue, or reached via the support group. This lets users distinguish between their internal calls, sales calls, and support calls, thus allowing them to calibrate their response appropriately.

OCT 2014

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 11:35 AM EDT

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SIP.js 0.6.3 Adds Fixes and Optimization for Firefox 33 - Recommended Upgrade


We have just released a new version SIP.js, our SIP Javascript stack that's perfect for developers who want to build WebRTC-based features. SIP.js 0.6.3 is now the most stable, comprehensive version of the library to date. Here are some highlighted improvements:

  • Mask DTLS everywhere
  • WebRTC.MediaHandler: remember when to call self.onIceCompleted
  • Pass logger from MediaHandler to MediaStreamManager
  • Grammar: parse entire event-type into a string
  • Subscriptions now emit accepted
  • Removed old subscriptions on resubscribe
  • Update MediaHandler.js - Fix Chrome HOLD
  • Session#refer: actually define originalTarget
  • WebRTC.MediaHandler#getDescription: call #render() after stream is added
  • UA#onTransportError: don't try next transport if UA is closed
  • UA: listen for 'unload' and call #stop()
OCT 2014

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 03:37 PM EDT

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"Technology has put a higher premium on face to face conversations" - Hillary Clinton #DF14

Former United States Secretary of State, U.S. Senator, and First Lady of the United States Hillary Clinton made a keen observation about the interpersonal convergence of technology today. Speaking at Dreamforce 2014 (which our team members are attending), Clinton articulated an notion with which we couldn't agree more:

OCT 2014

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 10:48 AM EDT

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OnSIP To Attend Dreamforce 2014 for Customer Service Summit

We're excited to attend Salesforce's Dreamforce 2014 this week, October 13-16 in San Francisco. The conference is a high-energy event that brings together industry visionaries, product experts, and world leaders who will offer wide-ranging discussions on how to transform your business and your life. As a company that uses SalesForce for sales and support on a day-to-day basis, we're looking forward to gaining new insights into how the technology can be utilized to build lasting relationships with our business VoIP customers as well as network with people who are as interested in excellent CRM as we are.

OCT 2014

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 03:29 PM EDT

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WebRTC Conference & Expo Discount Passes

The WebRTC Conference and Expo is slated to have its latest run at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California on November 18-20, 2014. As Gold Sponsors of the event, OnSIP will host our traditional booth demonstrating our latest WebRTC-based products, and Lead Developer Will Mitchell will lead a talk about WebRTC and how it has been fully integrated into OnSIP's mature platform.

Team OnSIP mans the booth
OCT 2014

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 12:17 PM EDT

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OnSIP Tip: Voicemail to Email For Business VoIP Users

We want our customers to have a business VoIP solution that's more than a phone system. From our Unified Communications platform my.onsip to our in-browser integration with InstaCall and InstaPhone, OnSIP's platform shows that telephony itself is not the only communications solution today's customer requires.

Besides these obvious answers, there are also some lesser known integrative bits of our platform that can prove especially useful for workers on the go. For instance, consider our voicemail to email option, a feature that automatically sends voicemail recordings to your email inbox in a .wav format.

SEP 2014

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 03:00 PM EDT

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InstaCall Enables Hanse Environmental To Connect With Global Customer Base For No Extra Cost

John Hanse, owner of Hanse Environmental Inc., hosts a seminar in Shanghai on designing and building durable products

For over twenty years, Hanse Environmental has been a global supplier of Environmental Stress Systems, or devices that can achieve and sustain both normal and extreme temperatures with speed and consistency. This comes in handy for companies who need to see if their products can operate correctly in specific climates. Since becoming an OnSIP customer two years ago, Hanse Environmental has been implementing some of our latest features, including OnSIP InstaCall. We recently reached out to company owner John Hanse to get his take on how InstaCall has helped his business

SEP 2014

Posted by Kevin Malcolm at 10:07 AM EDT

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The Consumer Adoption Curve of WebRTC is Just Beginning

If you keep up with WebRTC news and analysis, you may have read Irwin Lazar’s “WebRTC Market Update” last Thursday. The overarching idea of the article seems to be that while WebRTC has yet to live up to the great deal of hype it’s received, it shouldn't be viewed in a negative light. Working for a company that sees a bright future for this technology, I wanted to dive deeper into the criticism to find answers.

As Lazar said, WebRTC has been the most talked about collaboration technology for the past two years. Despite that, survey results strongly suggested the majority of IT professionals in early 2014 had no plans to implement WebRTC, with another large chunk still in the evaluating its potential. It’s understandable to digest these statistics and begin to think that WebRTC has been a disappointment, but when the common reasoning was “it’s not ready”, I feel that judgement should be reserved.